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Any business whether well-established or a start-up, a logo is of key importance. A logo is what will sell your business before you even to utter a word to market it. It’s your brand. As such, it is good to note that a logo can make or break your business way before it even commences. Creating one call for sheer creativity. As a small business owner, you’d definitely look forward to creating a logo that does not only stand out but also one that is impactful. For small business owners who deem themselves creative, a free logo maker is always available at their disposal. However, if you’d like to play it safe, it’s for the best interest of your business that you get a creative logo maker expert to assist you to create one. Whenever we speak of business logos, we ought to understand that it’s a weighty situation.

Below are 5 quite some essential tips that you ought to never forget when making your small business logo:

  • Easy to recognize
  • Simple and unique
  • Focus on the message you want to convey through your logo
  • Evoke emotional responses
  • See other logo designs of your competitors

Having listed the 5 essential tips to remember when making a logo, let us expound on each.

1. Easy to Recognize

For a small business owner, creating a logo that is easily recognizable is paramount. Go for something that when anyone gets to look at just once, they’ll know that it belongs to a particular company. Don’t get too complicated.

2. Simple and Unique

Create a logo that is simple yet unique. simple is not basic. There is always a touch of class in simple logos. When it comes to uniqueness, go for Type-only logos. Type-only logos will always be unique as there Is no other business with a name as yours.

3. Focus on the Message You Want to Convey Through Your Logo

Conveying a message through your logo can prove to be difficult at times. The message that you wish to convey ought to speak your small business while at the same time directed to a particular target audience.

4. Evoke Emotional Responses

A good business logo is one that gets to evoke emotional responses; both positive and negative. However, the positive ought to outweigh the negative. If your small business logo gets to evoke emotional responses, you’re on the right track. It should elicit feelings.

5. See Other Logo Designs of Your Competitors

Knowing your ‘enemy’ will by default put you in a better position. As a small business owner who wishes to create a logo, get to know your competitors and their logos as it will make you get better and unique ideas for your logo.


A business logo is vital for the success of your small business. The above tips will go a long way to helping you create your small business logo whether you opt for the free logo maker or have someone do it for you.

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