5-tips-to-create-an-online-presence-in-the-real-estate-businessIt is obvious at this point that the internet is here to stay. Because some businesses and management are reluctant to create an online presence for themselves, they may be damaging their reputation and losing potential clients. Creating an online presence in the real estate industry is crucial to finding great tenants and filling vacancies quickly. Included here are a few necessities to give your online image a boost.

Offer Online Video Tours

With modern technology, nearly anything is possible. You don’t want to waste time showing a dwelling to people who become uninterested immediately any more than they want to waste time seeing it. A good way to weed through potential renters for the really interested is by posting videos of apartment walkthroughs. You will end up showing the place only to the most interested tenants and save yourself time in the process.

Be Present on Social Media

For better or worse, social media is here to stay. You may feel that nothing good comes of joining these social sites, but you would be mistaken. Being visible on social media opens your business up to countless more clients and can help you build a better reputation. Promoting yourself on social media allows more individuals, of all ages, to have access to your real estate services and be more enticed by your visible property offerings.

Have a Professional Website

Creating a website that is easy to maneuver and professional looking will speak wonders about your culpability as a landlord. A dated or poorly managed website may offer a bad impression of how you manage your properties. Take the time to create a website that is sleek, modern and easy to navigate.

Within your website should be cost breakdowns and any requirements, such as a credit check, for renting from you. Make all of this information as accessible as possible so the only people you speak with are well-informed and very interested. Being vague about details until they see the home only creates frustration on both ends when they end up backing out.

Take Professional Photos

Your website should have clear, full-color photos of the rentals you are offering. This does not mean you should go out and get a fish-eye lens and take distorted pictures to make the space seem larger. You should have the home clean and take pictures with a quality camera, preferably in the peak of natural light hours.

Create Multiple Contact Points

If possible tenants cannot get a hold of you easily, they may feel this reflects your qualities as a poor landlord and that you will not be able to help them when they live there. Any potential client should be able to get a hold of you easily and you should respond to correspondence quickly. Be sure to list email addresses and multiple phone numbers on your website to allow new clients to access you with ease.

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