6-web-design-trends-you-need-to-know-right-nowDesign is an always evolving phenomenon. Especially in the world of screens, it has become even more complex. Design thinking is changing everyday to accommodate form and functionality better. Designers must step up a notch. Knowing how to design is not the main idea here, knowing what to design has become more important. They say, if you are not ahead of time you are behind it. But to understand a trend you have to take in account why and how is it working.


This design makes it easier to find all the relevant information in one place. Pinterest, Facebook and Twitter were among the firsts to introduce this form. People have embraced Cards with both hands. It gives us access to relevant information, integrated with visuals and more importantly, is easy to share around social media. The trick behind making Cards work is to make the whole image clickable, not just the font. Also, having more than one element in a card can call for disaster and send mixed signals to the users. Having one card for one idea is the best practice.


Using an animation adds an interesting dimension to the page but only if executed correctly. It can easily cross the line and become distracting and slow down the entire page.

To make the most out of animations, websites have been broken down into scrollable chunks which enhance long scrolling. Animated navigation menu bars are a new thing. Further, the Hamburger menu is a very useful tool. It offers functionality and more space. Animating these menus into great visuals is also interesting that can be seen recently. Not only is this a pleasant surprise but also visually intriguing.

While we go on about animation, someone needs to address the elephant in the room – the loading time. It is common knowledge that high-res animations take time to load. How to make the most out of this problem? Use innovative loading logo animation.

Striking Visuals

Images grab attention; using larger than life pictures as background enhance depth of field and help users enter a different mindset. The usage of HD visuals helps set the mood, plus who doesn’t like HD? And as we all know images load faster than animation, thus the design doesn’t need a time kill.


It is everywhere and everyone loves it. Artistic typefaces have taken over the internet. In the midst of newer and more complicated fonts clients strive for legibility. If users can’t understand font, it is distracting and a waste of space. In these cases, the trick to typography is to be simple and dramatic; superimpose texts above other objects is one way to make the whole design captivating. And as seen in world’s top websites two default type families are all that is needed – limiting the options makes things easier and simpler.

Long Scrolling

Platforms which focus on storytelling and a more immersive experience go for the long scroll. The infinite scroll can add elements of surprise for the user. In times where visual clues such as a button or a box are present to let us know what is coming next, the long scroll has revolutionized traditional page format. Now screens are treated as pages. Most websites have configured each screen in a fold which gives the feel of a page. These screens have central themes and images which makes it easier for users to comprehend the site.

Minimalistic approach

Simplicity is the ultimate sophistication. In the era of minimalistic designs and precise content, websites have caught up fast. Stripping away distractions to focus users on key points is what everyone likes. Content is ruling and giving the ruler attention is all that matters. To make the best out of this form, designers use one focal point per page or screen. Negative space is another tool when it comes to minimalistic approach.

Even If you’re a designer who offers cheap web design services to your clients, knowing about these trends and implementing it to your web design efforts will surely make your client happy. As mentioned earlier design is an ever changing phenomenon. It shapes itself around the current world inventions and approaches. In the current world, you either go with the flow or make your own mark.

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