learn-from-ashlynn-avenue-7-ecommerce-design-mistakes-that-will-ruin-your-businessWith the frenzy of social media going on, e-commerce sites are the new trend of doing business. You want your customers to like your products and buy them in bulk, don’t you? For this, one needs to understand the customer behavior patterns and the little details which matter. Ashlynn Avenue, which is an online e-commerce store, has seen tremendous growth in sales after bringing some changes to their website design flaws. Too often, e-commerce site owners have major glitches in their design, which remains unnoticeable till it’s too late. So, today Ashlynn Avenue’s design team brings seven mistakes which should be avoided at all costs. Let’s take a look at them.

Misguided Product Information

Product information is generally given below your product image. Customers can often get confused about the information given, and this happens in two ways. Firstly, you give a very basic description of your products and then customers do not understand why your products are better or different than what other sites are offering. Secondly, you could flood your site with too much information in the product description parts, which might make your product lose focus and customers might not understand what your products’ core value is.

Vague Contact Information

This is a very important detail. When customers invest their money in your products, they want to know that you are actually a real company and not a hoax. For this, you need to have a clear “about us” and “contact us” tabs in your page, preferably in the headers. Your customers are going to give you confidential information like credit card numbers, personal mailing address and often their preferences on various products. So, you definitely want to win their trust, and not providing enough information is not going to cut it.

Fault in the Image Provided

Image is the most powerful weapon for selling your products, except brand image. Often e-commerce entrepreneurs fail to realize the significance of this truth. Providing faulty image can happen in many ways. You could always do the rookie mistake of posting a low quality image. Then there is the mistake of posting only one image, which shouldn’t be done. Always try to upload several pictures from different angles so the customers are assured of what they are getting into. Also, models are important. You need to keep in mind the target group and choose models accordingly.

Lengthy Process of Ordering

This is a common mistake made by most e-commerce sites nowadays. Pages after pages of long surveys/information are given to the customers, but you need to keep in mind that your customers are purchasing their stuff online mostly because they have a lack of ease in their checking out process. You need to cut down as many steps as you can in between your customer first seeing the product and your customer finalizing his/her offer.

Lack of Payment Options

To increase the traffic in your page, you have to know the common ways of payment your customers use. Suppose you run an international e-commerce site. The countries you run your business in have international payment methods which you didn’t include in your site. As a result, your customer will go away to other sites which offer similar kind of products with the ease of paying the way they want to.

Poor Search Engine

This is something you absolutely can’t have. This is the age of browsing, online shops let customers browse all day about all the stuff they want or don’t want. Your website’s search engine has to be smooth and efficient, so it can show what the customer is searching for without any kind of confusion or hassle. If you fail to do this, your customer is going to use other search engines which will result into them roaming away to other websites. Well, yeah they can do it on their own anyway, but why force them to?

Lack of Public Communication

Being a trustworthy site depends a lot on this.  You need to have a public forum/comment section in your site, in which unbiased opinions and reviews from customers would be stated. Customers need to feel that they are dealing with a real person even though they are coming to e-commerce sites to eliminate exactly that. To fulfill that need, you have to have real life conversations going in your site. Often e-commerce site owners remove bad reviews, which results in customers not trusting your page.

We hope that your website would definitely be free of these seven glitches once you have read our article and realized their fatal effects on your business. Good luck.

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