DeltaCrea is a 2 column dark wordpress theme packed with theme option, twitter and flickr ready. The theme suitable for gaming and personal site used. Theme also come up 6 top overfold banner for blogger to put in their affliance banner or advertisment 125×125 banner. The theme also SEO Optimize with option to control your archives, category page so search engine indexing will be optimize.

Theme Features

  • theme option to control flickr and twitter
  • multi category featured slider with auto generated or custom field base thumbnails.
  • widgetable
  • authors bio and info on single page with thumbnail related post integrated
  • able to direct all feed to your feedburner account
  • 6 banner space controlable via theme option advertisment setting
  • able to choose post format for your archives,category page
  • compatible with wordpress 2.7+
  • tested in ie6/ie7/ie8, firefox2/3, safari, chrome and opera
  • threaded comment ready
  • different sticky post style to separate normal and sticky


Theme Option Features:

  • Able to insert your feedburner id, flickr id and twitter id to used with wordpress
  • Able to choose multiple featured category to be showed in top featured
  • Able to insert 6 125×125 advertisment banner on top *you can disable in theme option if do not want to use
  • Able to control each banner image destination link to and image url location
  • Able to enable or disable the author bio in single page
  • SEO – able to control how the archives, category pages format
  • Able to disable all comments in pages
  • Auto thumbnail creation via custom field ‘thumb’ or just upload image via attachment and it will auto fetch image and create thumbnail for it…order image via gallery and order first image for thumbnail

This work is licensed under GPL.

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