care and maintenance tips for wax vaporizers

Premium Wax Liquidizers turns your favorite oils like Shatter, BHO, and Crumbles into an amazing flavorful e-juice that is also a great dabbing tool. In just 3 easy steps, the finished e-juice can be ready to give your personal or professional life a kick start.

  • Preheat your vaporizer: Preheat your vaporizer’s heat setting to between 250 and 300 degrees Fahrenheit. Make sure the heat gauge is fully lit on the device. Your vaporizer will get much hotter when you vaporize your wax.
  • Turbine your vaporizer’s screen: Turn off your vaporizer’s screen and make sure the screen is clear of any debris. Once this step is completed, you can fill the reservoir with your desired amount of wax.
  • Fill the vaporizer’s reservoir: If the vaporizer has an automatic reservoir fill feature, you can simply press the reload button to let your preferred amount of liquid drip into the reservoir. If your vaporizer has a manual reservoir fill, turn off the power to your vaporizer and place the reservoir on its own cover.
  • Start your dripping process: With the reservoir in place, insert your needle into the reservoir’s drip tip. The needle’s tip must lie inside the reservoir’s channel. Push your needle in and allow the air to flow through the reservoir.
  • Once your reservoir is clear air, your heating element will ignite and begin heating up your wax. You may hear a humming sound and see a faint flame or white mist around the edges of your reservoir.
  • Once the reservoir is warmed, you can remove your needle from the reservoir and replace your cool vaporizer glass in place. Replace the coil heads onto the coil.
  • Allow the vaporizer to cool: Remove the vaporizer from the reservoir and place it back on the hotplate. Check to ensure the heating unit is turned off. And unplug it to disconnect it from the power source.
  • To replace the coil heads, unscrew the vaporizer’s battery cover and insert the new coil head. Be careful to not damage the plastic cover.
  • Screw the coil heads onto the base and then screw back on the cover and seal. Turn your vaporizer back on and wait for it to cool down.
  • To use your vaporizer: Put your new coil heads back into the reservoir and turn it on. Turn the power on to the vaporizer and enjoy your freshly prepared and melted candles or scented oils. !
  • Keep your vaporizer clean: When storing your wax vaporizer, do not forget to remove all the wax from the reservoir and replace the coil heads with new ones and clean the heating element. When using it, be sure to remove all the oil and wax from the top as well as any food residue that has leaked out from the vaporizer’s cooling chamber. Store it in a dry location and store it in an area where you can keep a close eye on it at all times.

It’s essential to clean the evaporator filter regularly to remove all the wax buildup that gets stuck in there. In addition, you should also clean the filter filters to avoid the build-up of wax, which can sometimes cause a build-up of odor. If left unchecked. Never leave your wax liquidizer unattended and never leave it unattended on an open shelf as the air circulation can cause an over-heating build-up.

Dry it often: Make sure to clean the interior of your vaporizer often. Dust particles can get stuck on the evaporator filter and collect dust and soap scum which can clog the heating element.


Cleaning your wax vaporizer regularly helps to prevent build-ups of dust and soap scum and keeps your heating element from overheating. Use a clean cloth and vacuum to clean the evaporator and the inside of the vaporizer after each use.

Care and maintenance tips for wax vaporizers are not hard to follow. Follow these simple steps and you’ll soon have a beautiful and clean wax vaporizer that will last you a long time.


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