ever wondered why women rule in the field of human resources

Ever since we took birth and entered this world, we have been the prey of the society that loves to label everything. “It’s a boy! Let’s paint his nursery blue!” “You are a man, my boy. Men don’t play with dolls!” “You can’t play football with the guys, baby girl. You’ll cry if you get hurt.” “You want to be a firefighter now? But honey, females are not cut for that job” “You really want to become a teacher? A man like you can get a more masculine job, you know?” No, Karen, they have the right to choose the career they want to pursue without being judged by ‘professional’ discriminators like thyself.

Especially when it comes to choosing jobs, society is a little too judgemental about which gender takes up what jobs. However, despite all this labeling and prejudice, our generation has managed to bring out gender equality in any and every job possible. Men have overtaken the roles of babysitters, nurses, secretaries, gynecologists, elementary school teachers, receptionists, and many more that were “traditionally” supposed to be done by women. Likewise, the fields like carpentry, pottery, mechanics, engineering, architecture, daily wage earners, presidency, web designing, you name it, women own it. Women have been proving their skills and talents in the jobs otherwise dominated by the males of the society.

But out of every other field, women have been especially up and coming in the field of human resources. Much so, the human resource department now consists of more than 72% female employees. But what is the reason that women have become so dominant in the field of human resources when compared to men?

Reasons Why Women Rule The HR World

Being an HR manager comes with the need to possess the skill set that the job requires in order to pave the way for the organization to move forward. Here is a list of skills that women have to their name (not by any means am I trying to say that men may not hold these skills. This is in the context of the majority, guys would make awesome HR managers):

Juggler Of Multiple Tasks

Have you ever observed your mom, wife, or sister at your place? Let’s just talk about your wife (in case you don’t have one, imagine you are married and have a potential wife for the sake of this example, I won’t tell anyone, I promise). She wakes up, makes breakfast for the family, keeps the house clean, looks after the kids (if you have one, otherwise, you know the drill – imagine!), prepares lunch for everyone, goes to work, looks after the health of the entire family, maintains the social life, presents herself beautifully, washes the dishes, goes grocery shopping, makes decisions regarding savings, follows the budget, and this is just the start of the list. If a woman can manage all these while at home (not to mention for free, because for these household chores, love is her price. But more on it later.) Imagine what all things she can manage while at work, where she actually gets paid for all her work.

On the other hand, have you ever noticed your dad, or if you are a guy, yourself? Even a simple task like reading a newspaper gets you so engrossed that you cannot hear what your mom, sister, or wife is saying at that moment. These incidents always end up with – “I don’t remember you telling me that” “Well, I did when you were reading the newspaper, you even nodded yes!” “Oh! I might not have paid attention then – my bad.” – conversation.

You be the judge. I have presented both situations before you. You tell me who manages multiple tasks better? Him or her? I guess the majority of us may feel no hesitation in choosing her. As an HR professional, one needs to calculate and allocate salaries, deduct taxes from the same, coordinate attendance and leave management, build development programs, solve employee grievances, hire and bid goodbye to the employees, and the list goes on and on. To manage operational HR tasks of tracking attendance, leave, performance, etc., organizations can rely on an automated HR solution. However, to manage grievances, disputes, and other cultural needs, they still need human interactions. Women have used their multitasking abilities to manage all these tasks flawlessly – one of the reasons why they sustained in the HR department.

Social Butterfly

Human resource is the branch of business that requires the HR managers to maintain good relations with all the employees.

Now we all know how chatty women can get; I mean, well, let’s not get into it, haha! But we know that women tend to have their way around the office. A very common stereotype is that men are not talkative and women can’t handle the corporate world. However, with the changing times, these stereotypes have been broken badly. Men do talk a lot, and women can handle the connections of the corporate world. However, the only difference is that men’s talk is more professional. In contrast, a woman knows how to maintain good relations by adding a little personal remark that can make the employees feel special.

Acts As An Arbitrator

Ready for another homely example? Imagine you got into an argument with your sibling, your father, or your best friend. On the dining table, or in the playground, when you want to communicate with them, what do you do? “Mom, dad/ sibling/ friend is not talking to me.” Her loving words and beautiful smiles would work their charm, and the problem would no longer prevail.

In an organization, not all employees are the same. Some can communicate very well, while some require some help as they are not so great with the communication rules. When the HR professional is a woman, she can work her way to the core of the problem and can assist those with poor communication skills to put forward their messages. They can build programs to train the employees to upgrade their communication skills.

Sympathy And Empathy

Compared to a man, women have a softer heart. The latter seem to understand other people’s problems better. While men’s empathy can score a 9.87 on 20, the women’s empathy crosses 10.79 on 20.

Even though the male employees have a higher stock of energy within them, their level of patience is quite low, and an employee struggling with hesitation to share his problem may sometimes be enough to pull his nerves.

On the other hand, given the level of understanding a woman has, she can be patient enough to let the employees feel comfortable in order to talk their hearts out. As such, it may seem very futile and wastage of time. However, if you think a little deeper, you will understand how positively these small efforts can affect the employees. They perceive very highly of the organization and will choose to stay with the organization for a longer period of time. I mean, who wouldn’t want longer employer-employee relationships?


Women observe everything! Even a change of hairstyle is something that cannot miss her attention. When she can notice such subtle changes, she is capable of noticing what incidents are going around in the workforce. Sometimes it is necessary for the HR managers to have an eye on every activity going around in the organization. Many employees may not be able to raise their voices. In such cases, having good observation skills is what can assist the HR manager in getting complete knowledge about the things going around them.

For this reason, having female HR managers who have sharp sight is what makes the business free from malicious practices and maintains a peaceful work environment.

Ending Notes

Whether a man or a woman, your job and your gender do not have anything to do with each other in this era; however, the reasons mentioned above describe very well why the organizations prefer to have women represent their human resource department. BY any means, this does not mean that the men cannot manage the job at all. They can, and 37% of them do choose this field for their career and are comfortable as well.

Women are seen as good communicators and, although considered emotionally weak, have shown high levels of emotional intelligence when compared to their male colleagues. This indicates that a woman can be much aware of their own feelings and that of other employees as well, resultantly allowing them to relate to the workforce a lot better than men would ever do. Although many oppose the idea of having women hired as HR managers, it would be better for the businesses to let the female faces represent their human resource departments.

I heard this toast somewhere, and I would very much like to conclude this article with the same.

Here’s to strong women, may we know them, may they be them, and may we raise them.

And as far as managing people is concerned, I’d say let women handle that.

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