Facebook Lead generation Ads – The Non-Technical Tips

Facebook Lead generation Ads – The Non-Technical Tips

Facebook has and continues to be a considerable marketing platform, boasting over 2 billion monthly active users. However, tapping into the largest social network isn’t a cakewalk, especially if you don’t know where to start. As a social media marketing agency in Dubai, we rely a lot on Lead Generation. Actually, one of the top hacks that can supercharge your social media marketing campaigns on Facebook is investing in lead ads. Simply put, lead ads are Facebook ads containing an embedded form that helps you to collect valuable information about your target audience. From their name, email/other contact information, age, among other demographics, the lead ads can help you collect information that makes it easier to understand your target audience better.

While Facebook lead ads are a great addition to your social media marketing strategies, they can frustrate you if not done right. It can be a costly endeavor, delivering little to no desirable returns. With the help professional social media marketing agency in Dubai, you can avoid the common pitfalls that frustrate most marketers and realize profitable progress. Some of the tips that can help you tailor effective Facebook lead ads include;

Always ask the right questions

Are you asking the right questions? This is among the most overlooked concept, yet it can break your lead ads performance. For instance, if your questions aren’t addressing your target customers’ needs, helping them see your value, the chances of converting them are slim. The questions could also generate the wrong information. For instance, asking them to input their age, instead of name and email, while looking for more newsletter signups could deliver information that won’t be of much value. From the intent and value proposition, your questions should be more than enticing to tip the users to provide the information your lead ads targets.

Make it seamless

The more data you have, the better you can understand your target users. However, loading the forms with too many questions can scare away the users still in their early stage. Let the customer journey be seamless by keeping it simple and clear. The easy and frictionless process increases the conversion rates, helping you collect enough data from the early customer journey and tailor more targeted ads moving forward. 

Be as clear as you can be

How do you intend to use the data provided? Privacy is a significant consideration in the modern world. It would help if you provided the users with clear details on how you intend to use their information. That way, they’ll be more confident while entrusting you with their data. The privacy policy part is all you need to provide as much information as possible to help users understand how their data will be used.

Be recognizable

Facebook users browse through thousands of ads, meaning that you need to stand out from the noise. The simplest hack is using a recognizable template, as it tells them what to do without wasting their valuable time. Stick to a certain theme and recognizable template; it will save your target users’ time and increase the conversion rate.


As you endeavor to supercharge your Facebook lead ads performance, testing shouldn’t be discounted. Tracking the progress to establish what’s working and what needs some tweaks helps you optimize the lead ads, improving performance. Incentives and follow-ups shouldn’t take the backseat either, as they can help you nurture the users through the journey for better retention.

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