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Hani Zeini gives guidelines on how technology can help the hotel industry

Hani Zeini gives guidelines on how technology can help the hotel industry

The hospitality business is far more than only providing guests with a place to relax and rejuvenate away from the house. There is a drastic change brought about in the hospitality industry by technology. These days, their activities rely on technology, thereby making it more significant for hotel operations. It also plays a crucial role in creating a positive guest experience in recent times. Hence, Hani Zeini provides an insight into the best communication technology trends in the hospitality industry. People who want to develop their hotel business should build their proper knowledge in the area.

Hani Zeini explains how communication trends have become an inseparable part of hotel technology

  • Door key technology: Recent times have witnessed a modification in the door key’s function with the evolution of mobile devices. A metal device quickly evolved into an electronic key card and provided an alternative to door keys. Many hotels use an optical code scanner or NFC technology in this area.
  • Automation of service: These days, self-service is the trend. Most guests want to abstain from human interaction and prefer technology in its place. Remote checkout and check-in features are popular, and hotels have started to work with applications that enable the guest to order room service with their mobile devices. According to Hani Zeini, with the right technology, the hotels may automate the guest’s request. It helps to ease the hotel staff from this activity; thereby, they can use their valuable time in other productive tasks that may enhance guest experiences.
  • Mobile convergence: In hotels, room phones are now rebuilt by mobile devices, thereby relegating the conventional way of communicating with hotel staff. Moreover, there are possibilities that the visitors arriving at the hotel do pair the room phone with their mobile device and thereby control the sound system and TV with this tool. They may also use it for controlling other services from the hotel. Moreover, the hotel staff may also use a similar service to inform them about cleaning services, mealtimes, wake-up calls, etc. Many hotels have already developed this kind of system and thereby provided their guests with high satisfaction.
  • Geography based services: Location-based services are not only a part of smartphones but an inseparable organ of the hospitality industry. It enables them to comprehend where the guests and hotel staff get located. It will eventually help them deliver services to their guests, thereby deciding when the hotel staff will engage in other activities.

When it comes to providing your guests with a long-lasting experience, it becomes imperative to work on your hospitality services. Lately, many hotels have started making investments in social listening tools. These tools help the hotel to enquire about the needs, wants, and desires of their guests. Hence, technology is a treasure that every business organization utilizes for their profit. You can grow your hotel business by using technology in the best manner.

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