how to seo optimize your blogs

Running a blog can open a source of income, or generate traffic to your website that sells your products or services.

Since the internet is a highly competitive space, you need to make sure that your blogs show up on the first page of Google’s results, because only 5% of internet users go to page 2. The odds of you not getting enough traffic due to poor SEO optimization practices are high, but we’re going to fix that today!

Is your blog ready to climb the SERP scale? Use these simple measures to optimize your content!

  • Focus on Research: Many prefer reading blogs over heavy articles because of their simpler and personal, yet informative approach. You can gain greater visibility using SEO tools to generate topic appropriate keywords such as Google Adwords. Research and choose your topic keywords to help your audience find you easily. Choose a range of high and medium-ranking keywords, both short and long-tailed for the best results without indulging in keyword stuffing.
  • Don’t Skip Out Image Optimization: Ignoring image optimization may seem like a shortcut right now, but it can cost your Google page experience rankings in 2021. As per their new update, your SEO rankings are closely linked to the page experience provided to users, which includes adding Alt Text to give context to viewers, especially those with any form of visual impairment. Don’t forget to compress high-resolution images as they can dampen your site loading speed, which is another important metric for page rankings.
  • Add Various Types of Links: A blog gains considerable credibility when it links sources and high-authority links within its content. This could be in the form of statistics, direct quotes or references, case studies, and research findings. The next aspect to focus on is link building, which is considered the most difficult part of SEO by 41% of experts. Link building using internal articles within your blog content also will help you build authority in due time. If this sounds complex to you take the help of industry experts to “learn more about New York SEO companies from Design ME Marketing”.
  • Place Your CTA Elements Strategically: Once a visitor has read the blog, what do you want them to do in terms of action? The CTA button or statement urges the reader to take the next step as per your instruction, be it subscribing, liking, engaging, or heading over to your catalog to check out or even purchase your products and services. Place your CTA elements (buttons or links) prominently so that it seems like the only natural progression after gaining great value from your blog.


The chances of you already knowing why blogging regularly is important are high since you’re on our page, but how popular are your blogs? Blogging is not just an extension of your business’s expression but is a full-fledged aspect of the marketing industry in itself. It has opened doors for businesses and individuals to inform, interact and create trends online that can benefit the audience and publishers mutually. Using the tips above will help you create captivating content that reaches the right audience, thanks to the best SEO practices.

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