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The last year’s corona crisis was unexpected – humanity, as much as the marketing community, wasn’t prepared for the required changes. Although some of the trends predicted before the lockdown did find their way into the industry, others were lost and forgotten – and completely new digital marketing solutions have taken the stage.

Particularly, online sales have snowballed. People were seeking new ways of socializing and doing business; it’s when social networks and video conferencing tools stepped in and gave people space to communicate and connect while staying safe at home. It also created new ways how brands could interact with their customers.

So now, as we are both feet in 2021, it’s time to get a closer look at what digital marketing trends will prevail this year.

Higher Role of Influencers and Live Streaming

Worldwide lockdowns and isolations cut all the ways how people could entertain and socialize outside their homes, so as seeing family and friends has become an issue.

All this highly increased the importance of live streaming among brands and celebrities. Whether it was a live concert of their favorite band in someone’s garage or an online workshop launched by the brand they trust, people wanted to be there to see it.

Influencer-driven live content entertains and absorbs but also, helps to build trust and opens the doors to immediate question and answer, which is exactly what people wanted during months of isolation.

Thus, Facebook reported 1.5 times increase in live views during isolation periods, while Instagram’s live-streaming audience grew by 70%. TikTok has also consolidated its positions, and there are good chances that this trend will receive even further development as we will go on with 2021.

Creating a Trustful Image

In 2021, it’s not enough anymore to just be; brands have to realize what part they play in their customers’ lives and be inventive to stay important.

In the heart of this are sincerity and transparency. People prefer to stay away from the companies they are uncertain about. How can they entrust their time and money with someone they don’t really know?  Therefore, building a trustful brand image will be one of the core digital marketing trends this year.

To succeed, brands will have to go above and beyond to survive during these bumpy times. They need to answer the question: why customers need them and how they can serve the community?

Many times have we witnessed companies doing great stuff and helping the needy, but this year even more attention will be drawn to this. More such marketing campaigns as Hilton’s free rooms for medical workers or Chanel’s face masks donations are expected in 2021.

Personalized Content

Competition has gone crazy as most of the brands went online. And win those who have a better connection with their customers.

To cut the long story short, personalized content is now as important as never before. People don’t want to buy from Tom, Dick, and Harry; they want to be sure they’re making the right decision, and customer-driven content gives them that.

Among the benefits are reaching the audience where they hang out, offering them exactly what they are thinking about and at the right moment. While the trend is far from new, it will get more powerful this year.

Environment-Friendly Reputation

Over 80% of customers have a strong feeling that brands should have their share in environmental protection.

No wonder, as for the last few years we’ve already observed many brands making sustainability their top priority whether through using recyclable materials in their production or resource-friendly systems.

The race for a better environment doesn’t slow down, and consumers seek to commit with brands who take an active part in making our planet a better place. A great example is Nike that leads a strong sustainability policy by using recycled materials in production and investing in climate change studies. In 2021, an environment-friendly reputation will be of the essence, and brands have a good chance to shoot up if they prove their “green” image.


Studies show that over 40% of customers see lack of diversity as sufficient reason to change the brand. This means that having an all-inclusive image is important as never before. Most likely, companies that don’t pay enough respect to inclusivity may face serious revenue losses in 2021. On the other hand, brands that pay enough attention to this issue are likely to thrive and build better trust among their customers.

Compatibility with Voice Search

The number of voice searches enabled by different voice assistants has grown exponentially for the past year. It might have happened because people felt lonely at home and could use every bit of communication available. Or maybe because voice assistants have become quite elaborate these days and opened new opportunities for multitasking. Regardless of the reason, marketers will have where to test their creativity and skill. The pioneers are expected to raise their revenues by 30%, so it’s better to hurry up to get on that train in time.

Fast Content

Perhaps, people are tired of truckloads of information available around, or they’re just all for efficiency but fast content like podcasts and newsletter has seen unexpected popularity for the past coronaviruses year. According to some research, around 60% of US residents are listening to podcasts, while newsletter conversions have grown by 15%.

“After our podcast on essay writing, we’ve doubled the number of customers willing to buy a narrative essay from us. Honestly, we didn’t expect such success”, confided Mark Stevenson, head of a small writing agency in California.

Even marketers themselves turned to podcasts, which hints at a possibility that this trend will stay with us in 2021 as well.

With the rapid growth of e-commerce, online presence is as important as never before. This means we’re about to see further development of personalized content and more live interaction online in 2021.

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