the duties of a social media marketing agency in budapest

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You’d be surprised to hear that Hungarian social media has over 6 million users (source: Dog and Pony social media agency). With a population of approximately 10 million people, this means companies have an excellent opportunity to reach a wide variety of users on these platforms: if you want your business to effectively reach its target audience online, then social media marketing can’t be skipped.

Of course, since this is not an area most companies specialize in, many choose to outsource it. If you are trying to strengthen your presence in Hungary, your search for a social media agency will most likely cover Budapest. But what kind of services can a local digital marketing company provide?


Facebook page management and advertising: letting a social media agency drive your business’s communication in the right direction

Managing Facebook presence and creating campaigns is an option available to all businesses. Doing it right, however, is an entirely different thing. Without the proper know-how and experience, you can easily spend more money than needed to reach your goals or even damage your brand’s reputation.

A social media agency can help you optimize your ads to the characteristics of your target group in Budapest or other parts of the country, and even handle the management of your page to make sure you are perceived positively by your audience. You can also expect more traffic coming to your website!


Instagram page advertising: a social media agency can also help you in becoming visually stunning

Creating content that is visually appealing to the members of your target audience is also an art. Next to Facebook, Instagram’s popularity has also risen a lot in the last years, and with the right advertising, you can definitely make your investment pay off in this platform.

A professional social media agency in Budapest also makes use of experienced graphic designers during the creation of your campaigns and does extensive research to create content that will have the most chance of having a long-lasting impact on your potential consumers.


YouTube page advertising: a professional social media agency knows how to make use of promotional videos

YouTube advertising can be a  much more effective and not to mention, a more affordable alternative to TV commercials. If you want to create an effective campaign on this platform, or even have a successful debut on your business’s own YouTube channel, outsourcing it to the right marketing company can make all the difference.

Basically, a good social media agency in Budapest can take care of the complete process for you: creating short promotional videos, casting, editing. In short: everything until the final report!


Influencer marketing: a social media agency knows where to find your brand’s promoters in Budapest

Influencer marketing can be a tricky area of online marketing, especially if you are not sure what influencers could work in your favor. Thankfully, an experienced social media agency in Budapest usually has a huge network Hungary built up over the years, so if you turn to them for help, you will know whether influencer marketing can work in the favor of your business or not.


Brand monitoring: a social media agency will let you know what users really think about you in Budapest and in other parts of Hungary

Social listening and brand monitoring are interesting and highly efficient tools used by certain social media agencies in Budapest. In a nutshell: you will gain access to a huge pool of relevant information regarding what your potential and actual customers say about your brand on various digital platforms and even some insight on how good you are compared to your competitors!

As you can see, there are many ways you can count on a social media marketing agency in Budapest to handle your business’s digital advertising activities. All that is left to do is to find the right one for the job!

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