the importance of auditing google shopping ads


Google Shopping ads have become the ultimate advertising channel of choice for eCommerce retailers. When it is optimised correctly, it will match the search terms that people are using on Google to your product inventory and ensure that your personal products and brand are at the front and centre of their advertising block. It is vital that when you are running Google Shopping ads, you carry out regular audits to ensure that the advertising platform is working in your interests and you are putting the best possible face forward for your business.

What are Google Shopping ads and how are they used?

Google Shopping ads (previously known as product listing ads) are visual advertisements that appear on the Google search results page. They are incredibly popular due to their effectiveness, their cost by click format, and the fact that you do not need to provide keywords. In summary, the Google Shopping ad displays a product image, its price, the website name, a headline, the availability of stock, and the discount rate. They are highly valued by eCommerce sites, as visual representations of the product usually generate more engagement and clicks. Many hire Google Shopping experts to manage their Google Shopping ads and ensure that they are as profitable as possible.

What is the importance of auditing Google Shopping ads?

It is vital to carry out regular audits of your Google Shopping ads. This is to ensure that they are fully optimised and are as efficient and profitable as possible.

Ensures that priorities are set

When auditing Google Shopping ads, you are able to check your spending on advertising and make sure that the money you are investing is being used as efficiently as possible. This helps to prevent any unnecessary expenditure that could be putting a drain on your business.

Establishes top-selling products

When carrying out a full audit of your Google Shopping ads, you can establish what your top-selling products are and focus your attention on ensuring that they have the most advertising and effort directed towards them – this is because 10% of your top-selling products have the ability to generate up to 75% of your revenue. Never neglect your top-selling products!

Provides the opportunity to check your landing page

When you are auditing Google Shopping ads, you also have the opportunity to check the quality and functionality of your landing page. This helps to ensure that you are putting forward the best image and brand to your potential customers, encouraging them to have confidence in the legitimacy of your site and the quality of your products.

Makes you more aware of how your spending is delegated

Auditing Google Shopping ads also provide a brilliant opportunity to gain more awareness of where your spending is delegated and how you can potentially modify where your money is being spent. This is vital if you want to fully optimise your spending to be the most efficient possible.

Do not neglect to carry out your audits of your Google Shopping ads. There is a multitude of benefits that you can gain through auditing efficiently, and it gives you a much better image of how your ads are and are not benefiting your business.

How do you start auditing Google Shopping ads?

There are a number of different areas that need to be reviewed and checked when you start the audit of your Google Shopping ads.

Here are four steps to get you started:

1 – Make sure that all of your product titles are compelling and eye-catching

You do not want the first thing that your potential customer is going to read to be overly long or uninteresting. Make sure that your product title is descriptive but to the point. Do not use any unnecessary words that lengthen the title.

2 – Make sure that your images are of high quality

This is particularly important for Google Shopping ads, as the visual appeal of the product is likely to be the first thing that the potential customer sees when the advertisement appears. If your image is poor quality, there are plenty of other options from different businesses that will appear next to yours – these products will look more appealing, therefore, you will likely get fewer clicks, and fewer purchases.

3 – Segment products and ad spend

It is vital that when auditing Google Shopping ads, you organise and segment your products and ad spend. Organise your products based on which products sell the best, where the most traffic is generated, and where your ad investment is best returned. Once you have done this, you are able to see where your money should be directed towards, which products you should focus on, and where improvements need to be made.

4 – Remember that shopping campaigns can be very technical

It is normal to feel overwhelmed when you are attempting your first Google Shopping audits. There are great options available to help you optimise your advertising and reduce the stress that is potentially resulting from the process. Find Google Shopping experts to help you with the audits, and ensure that you get the most you can out of your auditing.


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