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Businesses are obligated to take advantage of critical benefits available to them in today’s global economy. From utilizing rapid tech advancements in daily management and production to embracing international labor, business owners have a litany of reasons to make the most of legal and efficient procedures that bolster their individual productivity and profitability.

The issue of outsourcing is a controversial topic, but millions of employers and employees alike utilize this legal option to maximize profits and minimize long-term obligations. With that being said, what business services are best suited for outsourcing?

Here are some of the best examples of business services that can be effectively outsourced without risking long-term efficiency or profit loss.

Customer Service

Arguably one of the easiest and most productive business services to outsource, the customer service department for any business handling telephone calls does not require a specific physical location. Many small and large businesses alike have found immense cost-savings and productivity through the use of international customer service reps.

What is even better for many businesses is that by utilizing a rotating series of call centers placed across different time zones, even small businesses can provide 24-hour telephone customer service. While providing such a demanding business service domestically would be expensive, outsourcing firms can connect businesses with call center solutions and expertly-trained customer service professionals in other countries to dramatically reduce long-term CS costs.

These services can also be expanded to chat or internet-based customer service communications. Setting up chat-based customer service interfaces is rather easy – but you will of course need the services of outsourced professionals capable of performing these tasks efficiently.

Digital Marketing

The entire world is essentially tied to the internet and its influence on commerce: this means that businesses, in particular, must be attuned to this medium for optimal results. The same basic marketing practices that help brands and businesses gain exposure in Asia also apply in the USA, Europe, and everywhere in between. While various cultural and language differences may inform the final marketing product, the technical aspects are relatively universal.

This is why enlisting the services of digital marketing teams in other parts of the world can be an effective, cost-saving measure. Rather than keeping a dedicated team of marketing professionals employed, the use of overseas marketing firms can help locate qualified digital marketing solutions that provide such services for a substantially lower cost. In some cases, the use of outsourced digital marketing can free up enough revenue to adopt new and experimental marketing strategies that may deliver even greater benefits.

Accounting Services

Another very common business service where outsourcing is used to great effect is in the realm of accounting. Ultimately, major companies may choose to have dedicated accounting services in order to manage budgets, payroll, and other critical areas. However, smaller businesses can find financial relief by enlisting accounting services from outside of the company.

How does this help businesses? Efficient accounting firms can handle multiple businesses in terms of basic services, meaning that the true cost of accounting services is substantially lower than by hiring dedicated staff.

This ultimately justifies why so many businesses have chosen to use outsourced accounting services to reduce overhead and minimize long-term labor costs. Many of these solutions can be enlisted via the best PEO companies and firms that specialize in accounting. These services can be found via sites like GlobalizationPedia.

GlobalizationPedia is an excellent resource for businesses seeking to maximize their outsourcing potential in marketing and other areas, helping businesses find the certified best PEO companies. Offering a litany of advice columns, blog posts, and interviews with outsourcing professionals, businesses would be well-advised to use this resource before making any decisions about digital marketing outsourcing.


Labor costs, taxes, and general costs of living can vary wildly throughout the world, making businesses reconsider where to locate various production facilities. Manufacturing is the original outsourcing kingpin industry: for decades, businesses have sought to open or utilize manufacturing resources in foreign countries as a way to minimize overhead costs.

Even today, manufacturing remains one of the best business services that can be successfully outsourced. While this is arguably the most expensive business service to outsource (given startup costs), it also produces the biggest long-term benefits for businesses delivering products to customers. By lowering manufacturing and labor costs substantially, core business services have more room to experiment with new strategies without risking profitability.


Research for businesses is a major industry, but most businesses can’t afford to hire full-time departments for this important task. However, outsourcing this labor to a domestic or foreign entity can produce financially-beneficial results that deliver the data necessary – but without long-term commitments.

By outsourcing research needs, businesses can extract a variety of benefits. First and foremost, businesses will have access to a multitude of talented professionals and experts without a hiring commitment. In addition, businesses enlisting the services of outsourced agents for research can create a more risk-averse situation: these research companies have a vested interest in succeeding since their profitability revolves around their clients.

There are dozens of potential business services that companies can outsource to generate better outcomes, increased profits, and more efficient reach, but these five examples are among those that provide the greatest benefit with the fewest disadvantages.

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