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Fantastic PHP Alternatives You Need to Know for Your Next Web Project

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There’s no denying that PHP is one of the most popular, oldest, and most versatile of all scripting languages. It’s been around for over 25 years, which is practically as old as modern technology itself and is still used to this today. Frequently updated and offering some impressive stats in both speed and performance, it’s easy to see why PHP has stood the test of time.

However, technology is a constantly changing landscape, and there are now so many frameworks out there, it’s hard to know where to begin. While you may be sticking with PHP, you could be missing out on a scripting language that is better suited to your needs and requirements.

It’s always worth doing your research to figure out what is best for you.  Today, I’m going to make this research task a little easier by listing out some of the best PHP alternatives that you need to be thinking about.


There’s no doubt in anyone’s mind that JavaScript is one of the most utilized languages in the world, and it’s so incredibly versatile. Used mainly and effectively for server-side development, easily the biggest selling point is the fact that this code can run asynchronous code on its server.

This makes JavaScript-capable of delivering impressive processing times and can run faster and handles more requests and connections than a lot of other languages. When it comes to PHP alternatives, there perhaps is no better framework than JavaScript in most cases.


Did you know, Python is actually being used more in server-side development than PHP? There is, of course, a reason for this. Many actually. Python is easy to pick up, and there are lots of paths you can use it to master. You can use Python as a beginner or an experienced coder, putting so much power and potential into your hands.

Python is also known for its powerful security features and the fact it’s scalable very easily, making it a fantastic choice for potentially large-scale projects. When you consider that massive web and tech companies like Google, Facebook, Instagram, Quora, Spotify, Netflix, Amazon, and so on are all using Python as their main language of choice, you can see why everyone gets so excited about it.


Hand in hand with my first entry to this list, Java has also been a number choice of scripting language for many developers and has been one of the top coding languages up there with PHP for some time.

While you may want to stick with JavaScript for a more modern approach, if you’re working with frameworks like JEE and Spring, then Java is going to be the language you’re looking at.


If you’re looking to handle obscene amounts of traffic while using real-time applications, there are very few languages that can handle these situations better than Erlang. A real powerhouse of a coding language, Erlang is massively available at all times, and one of the most reliable languages there is, even in unforeseen and resource-intensive situations.

Sure, if you’re using this language for processes like HTML generation, then this isn’t a language that’s going to fulfill all your needs, but if you’re looking for a stable coding language and you’re looking to build something like a REST API within your backend, then there’s no other language that will come close.


I was actually fairly surprised that more people hadn’t heard of Go, the rich programming language created by Google and based on Python. It’s not directly based on Python, but it’s far easier to use and compiles in a truly magnificent way. This makes it one of the fastest coding languages to use for web applications. It’s really worth checking this language out, even if you’re just curious.

How to Choose Your Language

I highly recommend just taking some time to research all these coding languages and then see which one works for you. Take a look at their base website and read some comments from their online communities. Watch some videos and play with some examples, and you’ll be amazed by how much diversity is out there.

Then, simply pick which one is best for you!

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