Improve Your Blockudoku Score With These Tips!

Improve Your Blockudoku Score With These Tips!

Block games’ popularity continues to grow by the day, especially with mobile apps, as gamers can take their favorite pick wherever they go. The best block games can help you relax, pass the time, especially in situations such as commuting or when bored, and can quickly become addictive, giving you something to look forward to after a hectic day. Among the most beloved block games is Blockudoku, a combination of block puzzles and Sudoku. The game requires you to destroy lines and squares by matching blocks on the 9X9 grid. The gameplay is easy, but it is challenging enough to see you spending hours trying to beat your high score. As you endeavor to supercharge your Blockudoku playing quests, here are simple tips that can help you attain the highest score.

General rule; destroy, don’t build

As you dive into the Blockudoku game, your goal isn’t to build a wall but destroy as many lines as possible. Most gamers make the mistake of accumulating blocks, waiting for a perfect opportunity to drop desired lines. However, this can ruin your progress, especially as you quickly lose enough space for new blocks. Building only takes up space on the grid, and when there is not enough left, it is game over.

While the general rule lets you keep playing and scaling your score higher, it isn’t that straightforward. You can still fail to keep the board clean, especially if you approach the game from inwards. A simple trick that can help keep the board clean, destroy more lines, and up your scores starts from the ends and working inwards. This makes it easier to leave many spaces for the incoming block, and as you destroy more, attain the highest scores.

Streaks and squares are a gem

The easiest way to score higher on Blockudoku is by focusing on streaks and squares. A streak lets you score nine or more points, meaning that you can quickly attain high scores if you maintain it. However, as you concentrate on streaks and squares, keep the general rule in mind. It is tempting to wait for certain figures, but that can affect the flow, filing the grid before you know it. The trick here is to grab every opportunity, not wait for the perfect pieces that could see you losing better moves to maintain a streak.

It is a game of logic

As you strive to attain the highest score on block games, logical reasoning can’t be stressed enough. You need to act mindfully and take the process step by step. If you hastily make moves, you could scale the scores fast, but it won’t be enough to attain the highest to beat your standing. Take the guesswork out of the equation, focus, and take your time to solve the puzzle. Don’t concentrate on a specific spot, but instead hover over the grid to spot better opportunities. If you take your time, you can maintain a logical flow, destroy more lines with fewer moves, and attain the highest scores.

Block games are fun, and with the right strategy, you can keep paying and breaking your records. With the above tips, you can comfortably improve your Blockudoku scores.