12-ways-to-get-up-close-and-personal-with-business-tweetingTwitter is emerging as a powerful force for businesses to develop a more personal relationship with their employees, customers, and the firms with whom they do business. No longer is it just a means for finding out what folks had for breakfast, or for celebrities to tweet about their love lives.

Benefits of Twitter for businesses

There are many ways Twitter can help businesses increase traffic to their web sites and customers to their retail locations. To fully understand how powerful Twitter can be, you need to learn how to successfully use it for your business. Twitter Advertising and Marketing Certification training is a fast track way to learn the ins and outs of using Twitter to grow your business.

Twitter can help your business:

  1. Increase brand awareness

When you tweet some of the more intimate, funny, or interesting details about your brand, you provide information that intrigues followers and connects them to your brand.

  1. Show that your company is on the cutting edge of the latest trends in your industry with Twitter.

Likewise, you can stay on top of what is trending in your business area.

  1. You can Tweet to link your Twitter followers to your blog content, help them view your videos, and offer them a chance to see your presentations.
  1. You can increase your customer service by offering information to your customers via Tweets.

Your customers’ reactions to your Tweets can give you important information that allows you to alter the way you market your business’s products. You can also research Twitter for any Tweets related to your business and provide positive feedback by joining the conversation.

  1. Evaluate your marketing strategy using Twitter.

You will be able to tell how your marketing campaign is doing based on the types of Tweets it gets.

  1. If you Tweet daily about the benefits of your products, it will drive traffic to your web site.
  1. When you extend your public relations initiatives to Twitter, you will develop a following you could not have gained otherwise.
  1. Recruiting potential employees has almost instant results with Twitter.
  1. You can set up periodic rewards for your employees and announce the winners on Twitter, thus connecting with your employees in a personal as well as professional way.
  1. Being on Twitter gives you access to all the high profile folks who follow Tweets.
  1. You can monitor conversations about your brand, which provides more valuable information than you can get by surveys and other means of hearing from customers and potential customers. This allows you to tweak what you offer, delete it, or change it to meet the needs of the buying public.

Using tools such as Tweetdeck and HootSuite you can save your searches for further review.

  1. Twitter can boost your profile for search engines, as the search engines now pull up not just web sites, but also Tweets.

From using positive tweets in your marketing and advertising campaigns to spreading the word about your products, Twitter is the best way to develop a personal relationship with everyone that enhances your business success.

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