3 Ways to Improve Your Marketing Plans and Increase Sales and Lead Generation

marketing tipsMarketing is unique to every business. For organizations which depend on the channel partners to keep their products moving, the marketing process can be hectic. With various partners across different locations, how can you ensure they have what they need to grow the business? Enhancing lead quality calls for commitment from the marketing and sales team to focus on both quantity and quality. To increase your marketing plans and enhance sales and lead generation, consider the following pointers.

1. Content Marketing

Do not settle for any content. When it comes to sales and lead generation, make sure you go for relevant content which engages and informs the target prospect. Your strategy should aim to offer content at the top, center, and bottom funnel. Moreover, you need to ensure your content is helpful, relevant, entertaining, and informative. This will be much easier if you are in a position to establish your buyer persona. With an informed perspective of your ideal customer, you’ll be able to meet their requirements. When planning the strategy for your content, focus on addressing the intent of your buyer persona. Placing your focus on SEO only will not address the needs of the customer.

2. Lead Nurturing

According to the 2010 Forrester Research study, organizations that did well in lead nurturing generated 50 percent more sales-ready lead at a cost that is 33 percent lower than other firms. Some leads begin and are converted into sales within no time. Nevertheless, a good number of prospects require lead nurturing to become sales-ready. To keep prospects within the system, you need to establish rapport with them using contextually valuable information and dialog. If your business hasn’t engaged in lead nurturing yet, you can begin with emails and newsletters campaigns. These techniques make it possible for you to preserve frequency with your lukewarm leads as you continue to provide them with valuable content. After the integration of email marketing, you can take advantage of other advanced initiatives for lead nurturing such as the automated campaigns on website visits or email clicks.

3. Offer Your Partners Lead Generation Offers

Apart from content marketing and lead nurturing, your business can also take advantage of channel marketing techniques. For instance, if the sales for your channel partner have stagnated, you need to find better ways of supporting them. You can provide your partners with the tools that would ensure they succeed. Create a webinar or ebook offer which can be accessed or downloaded from the website of your channel partner. For instance, if your organization deals with security software, you can run a quick sweep of their network to determine if there is any vulnerability. By providing e-books and webinars, you are giving your partner an offer they can present to prospects that visit their websites.

The above pointers are by no means conclusive. There are many techniques for improving your marketing plan and increasing sales and lead generation. Nevertheless, the above processes will go a long way in ensuring your leads are converted to sales. If you discover a specific strategy that is attracting qualified leads, you can direct your resources to such a channel to maximize your return on investment.

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