4 Essential Tech Product Build Tips For Millennial Consumers

4 essential tech product build tips for millennial consumers
Millennial consumers are a market any business needs to capitalize on. There are around 71 million millennials your business can turn into loyal consumers. Ok, maybe not all 71 million, but even a small fraction can turn your tech product business into a big time success. And millennials have outnumbered the previous largest generation, the boomers.

Millennials also spend a lot of money, according to recent research. The average yearly expenditure for a millennial is over $47,000. As a collective, millennials spend roughly $600 billion annually. That is a lot of consumer spending, and why not have some of that spend going toward your tech products.

Regardless of yearly spending by millennials, they are still a tough consumer to crack. This is especially true when it comes to getting them to buy tech products. While you are thinking rotary switches and prototypes, they are thinking daily tech innovation and use.

This is why we compiled a list of essential tech product build tips for millennial consumers. Let’s dive in!

1. Keep Your Tech Product Simple

Even though millennials are pretty tech savvy, having too many features and too complex of functionality can hurt your tech product popularity. Like most consumers, millennials want a tech product that will solve a problem in an efficient way. After the problem has been solved, they generally want to go about the day.

tech jargon not for millennial
This school of thought for millennials and tech products also goes for the updates you will be pushing out, especially if your tech product has an app tethered to it. Keep it simple and build a tech product that solves a problem millennials want solved.

2. Consolidate As Much As You Can

Ensuring your millennial customers know the necessity of your tech product can be pretty easy when you consolidate a process that is very complicated. This is why millennials are quick to buy into technology that keeps track of health, finance, daily activities, and more.

By consolidating any complexities you are showcasing a tech product that a millennial will want, need, and be happy to share with friends, family, and colleagues. Why? Because millennials like to look intelligent. And they do that by sharing innovative technology with those in their social circles.

3. Do Not Use Crazy Technical Jargon

There are a lot of companies out there that use way too much jargon. And that jargon can be a very bad thing for your tech product when it comes to millennials. Why? Well, millennials want to keep things simple and easy. Jargon, and trying to understand jargon, makes that almost impossible.

For instance, since millennials are generally easy going and want to understand things as fast as possible, keep jargon and industry type terms out of the conversation. You should also keep your product landing page or website very clean and concise. Make everything easy to read, and very easy to navigate.

This is where user experience (UX) plays a major role when it comes to essential tech product build tips for millennial consumers. Having a great user experience for your product, as well as the assets you use online to promote your product is essential. Think user experience and keep jargon out of the equation.

4. Actually Consult Millennials About Your Tech Product Build

It is a pretty good idea to consult with millennials when it comes to building your tech products. Especially when you want to market to millennials. Consulting millennials about your tech product build is also easier than you may think.

For instance, you can put out a contest for any millennials that write the best review of your prototype on social media. This gives you free marketing material online, and you get important feedback about your tech product. This can impact your final product decisions.

take millennial opinions
Another way to incorporate millennials into your tech product build is to hire a few for the project. You can bring on a few millennials as consultants just for the design and build phases. This can be well worth the investment you will put into it, since millennials working on the project can make it that much better. After all, who knows millennials better than millennials themselves.

Wrapping Up . . .

The above four essential tech product build tips for millennial consumers are only the tip of the iceberg. They are among the most important to consider and implement, but there are plenty other essential tech product build tips to research. Remember, design a product that will fit your audience. Have you had millennial experience when it comes to tech product builds? What is your top tip?

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