4 Tips to Create An Effective Social Media Calendar

4-tips-to-create-an-effective-social-media-calendarIf you’re relatively experienced in digital marketing, chances are you’ve likely already ventured into the world of content calendars, but you may only be using them for blog posts. Considering the impact of blog posts, it’s smart to do this, but there’s another place you should be utilizing a calendar, and that’s with your social media.

Managing social media has become more of a science over the years, as successful marketers and brands have gone from primarily trial and error to having regimented planning in place. That tends to go well for those brands, and it’s something any business or marketer can replicate.

A social media content calendar or editorial calendar is useful because it not only helps determine the direction of the content you’ll be sharing, but it can also help you streamline your entire social media strategy.

Below are four tips for effective social calendar creation:

Research Your Past Content and Your Audience

Before you can create a truly valuable social media content and sharing calendar, you need to have a good idea of what is compelling for your audience. Use social media analytics tools so you can assess your data and find out what’s most popular with your audience, as well as what isn’t working.

Think About Timing

One way creating a social calendar might be different from a general content calendar is in the specificity of your timing. This is incredibly significant when it comes to social media, so don’t just plan for topics and what you’ll share. Also plan for when it will be shared. Get as specific as you can with your timing, based on the times you’ve had the most success in the past. If you’ll be sharing things more than once, plan for that as well.

Consider a Template

A template can be an efficient, time-saving way to plan your social media posting. There are terrific template options available for free online, and it’s the perfect way to get started on your path toward a more standardized social media and overall marketing strategy. Once you’ve gotten used to the concept of a social media calendar, you can start experimenting with the template and working on customizing it to your needs a bit more.

Integrate with a Calendar or Scheduling Tool

If you want to make the most of your social media planning, you may consider using a calendar, such as Google Calendar, if you want to keep it simple. You can also include different individual tasks on this calendar, as well as important dates, holidays, and events that could impact your social media schedule. You can then share the calendar with people who are relevant to your social media sharing, and the process will be more streamlined and easy to manage.

Managing a Calendar for More Effective Social Media

The above tips are simplified ways to get started with the creation of a comprehensive social media content calendar that will make all of your marketing efforts easier. With a central calendar and some planning you can make sure you’re getting the best messages to your audience, boosting engagement and improving your marketing return on investment.

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