5 Free Strategies to Step up Your Marketing and Make a Name in Your Industry

business marketing strategies tipsLooking to make moves and stake your claim in your industry but have no idea what to do next?

Hey, we’ve all been there.

Conventional wisdom tells us that we need to launch some sort of insane product or break ground with new content to make it happen, right?

Well, not necessarily.

Perhaps it’s most prudent to consider what we can do right now rather than hope for the winds of change to shift.

In fact, there’s quite a lot that businesses can do for next to nothing to attract that much-needed attention and buzz that they deserve. From time-efficient outreach to quick and dirty research, consider the following five tactics to beef up your industry reputation ASAP without breaking the bank.

1. Acquire More Organic Press and PR

Let’s assume you’ve already created some killer content and have linkable assets for your business.

That’s a great start! However, what are you doing to ensure that those assets are actually being shared and linked to?

You can’t just sit on your hands and expect engagement to fall into your lap.

Press and PR are the best friends of any brand looking to make a splash in their respective industries. Perhaps Ajay Goel of Gmass says it best: “You need it if you have any hopes of attracting large investors, fast sales, and evangelical brand supporters.”

Acquiring earned media doesn’t happen by accident: it happens through outreach. This means cold email publications and industry leaders in addition to getting in touch with them on social media. Anything you can do to make your business and content part of your industry’s larger conversation is a solid starting point.

2. Squeeze More Out of Your Own Network

As noted, social media is brilliant channel for Increasing your visibility. If you already have connections and colleagues with clout in your industry you’re way ahead of the curve.

Via social or email outreach, consider how you can put the following elements of social proof on display:

  • Asking for LinkedIn recommendations that highlight your skills
  • Requesting testimonials and reviews that solidify that your product is up to snuff
  • Befriending industry players and sharing their content

Simply put, these actions can result in huge returns for a relatively small investment of your time.

3. Make Yourself More Visible in the Comment Section

Blog Commenting for SEO is a totally underrated marketing tactic that struggling businesses should definitely consider.

Although most blog links are no-follow, simply having a presence in the comment section of industry bloggers and social movers and shakers immediately makes your brand more visible. Doing so also cements that you have strong opinions and aren’t a mere follower among your competitors.

Taking time day after day to like, comment and share content can result in quite the ROI if you’re consistent. You might consider keeping up a spreadsheet to ensure that you’re covering your bases and allocating your attention to the right people.

4. Find Content Opportunities Your Competitors are Missing

A slow period is arguably the best time to conduct competitive analysis to determine what you can do to potentially outshine your competitors. This rings true in terms of content creation and potential products and services.

Tools such as Ahrefs, SEMrush and Buzzsumo can clue you in on relevant industry terms and blog topics that might be low-hanging fruit for your business. Meanwhile, you can also educate yourself on just how your competitors are drawing attention to their own content and products.

The key here isn’t to play the role or copycat, but rather see what aspects of your market that your competitors aren’t tapping into. Competitive analyze can open up new niches and avenues of doing business that otherwise go unchallenged.

5. Consider a Brief Rebrand

Looking at examples of successful rebrands, it’s clear that sometimes it pays to hit the proverbial reset button.

Although you don’t need to revamp your entire web presence, some small pieces of rebranding and repositioning can go a long way.

For example, perhaps you could spruce up your company logo and social avatars. Or maybe you could revise your about me and testimonials page to better reflect your current crop of clients.

Either way, your brand should reflect the absolute best version of your business. If your web presence has been gathering cobwebs, it very well might be what’s holding you back from the growth you deserve.

Staking your claim in your industry doesn’t necessarily require intricate or expensive marketing campaigns: not by a long shot. Instead, focus on the actionable, cost-efficient tactics that you can actually focus on today. You might just be surprised at the results you see when you take a more proactive approach to marketing.

By Micheal

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