Customertimes is a Platinum Consulting partner with its headquarters in Manhattan, New York City. Most of its offices are based in Europe, and the company affords a wide array of services that include mobile technology, Salesforce implementation, and outsourcing services for data-driven firms.

Customertimes Corp supplies professional services and proactive support of projects to clients in virtually 63 countries around the world. The organization encompasses a team of over 300 enthusiastic and talented consultants, business analysts, developers and mobile experts with exceptional knowledge and experience when it comes to Customer Relationship Management, specifically in the

A Unique team of consultants

Needless to say, Customertimes prides itself in its unique team of consultants who have certification. The firm boasts a track record of more than 200 successful cloud technology implementations, and it strives to help its client companies become more effective, enhance their mobile experience, and better manage their customer relationships.


Service Description

Salesforce Implementation

In addition to being a Platinum Certified Partner, CT is also an independent software vendor. It embraces an exceptional level of knowledge and experience when it comes to Customer Relationship Management. Consequently, it pledges to hoist its partner companies to a whole new level—particularly in terms of implementing a new system, supporting as well as optimizing an existing implementation.

Development Outsourcing

CT owns a global engagement model that allows you to select the outsourcing strategy that best suits your unique business needs and prerequisites. Typically, they offer help with product and application, enterprise application platforms as well as testing and support. Similarly, the firm provides a follow-the-sun approach. This particular approach is intended to keep their clients’ business up and running on a 24/7 basis.

Mobile Apps

Customer-times team develops Android and native iOS apps that can let you access your own data anytime, anywhere. Besides, CT creates real native offline mobile apps on the Saleforce1 platform. Access is likewise convenient—since you can access data right from your mobile devices. With these mobile apps, you’ll be guaranteed to stay atop the latest business updates, collaborate with the team and figure out perfect business decisions to realize success.

Key Industries

Some of the CT’s key industries include finance, life sciences, retail, and insurance. Let’s look at how CT helps these firms accomplish their business endeavors.


CT helps financial firms to boost their sales and decrease their expenses in the following way:

– Leverages and improves existing sales assets
– Optimizes and better manages the sales
– Helps with marketing content
– Transforms advisor-client interactions
– Creates new total customer experience


CT has managed to help many Pharma and Medical Device clients in its capacity as a Customer Relationship Management firm. Here’s how CT helps Life-sciences with its exceptional services to achieve success:

– Increase sales and service revenues
– Cross and up-selling of other products and services
– Decrease sales and marketing expenses
– Effectively manage and train field force
– Utilize superior services as key differentiators and selling point


CT Corp provides essential marketing tools to make the entire social, mobile, online and offline data actionable at any time—all without having to rely on IT resources when there’s need to access data.

Customertimes Corp is concerned that retail marketers or sales reps need to not only leverage their data, but also craft highly customized campaigns that can easily drive revenue and draw many clients in the shortest time possible. That’s why CT’s marketing tools are fundamental to the success of sales reps or retail marketers.


CT Corp utilizes CLM approach to help the insurance agents sell their premium services. The CLM approach engages the clients by making use of all the capabilities of personalized interactive presentations, along with instant feedback capturing. This is absolutely crucial—it creates highly personalized content, provides opportunities for cross and up sale, enhances marketing materials, decreases sales and marketing expenses and improves ROI.

In a nutshell; CT Corp is one of the best organizations when it comes to Customer Relationship Management. Presently, it boasts over 200 clients from 63 different countries, in addition to more than 300 experienced consultants. It has handled over 200 successful cloud implementations—and hence it is one of the best organizations to count on!

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