A Different Approach: Out of the Box Internet Marketing for Building Your Brand

out-of-the-box-internet-marketing-building-brandIf you do what everyone else is doing, you’ll look like everyone else. And, you’ll just look like a cheap “knock-off”. But, customers don’t want to work with a “me too” company. They want the original. Think about it. Do you want a cheap knock-off when you can afford (and want) the “real deal?”

Here’s how to stand out and make your brand something truly unique.

Write Your Own Content

This is something that almost no one does. But, if you want to stand out, you need to do it. Writing is probably the hardest thing you will ever do. And, there are so few really good writers out there that you will have an advantage over almost everyone in your industry if you get good at it.

Don’t worry if you’re not a great writer right now. You can get good at it. How? By writing, of course.

Now, you can’t get good at writing by just writing any old thing. No. What you must do is pick top writers in your industry — people who are making money with their writing — and then print out a few example of their writing.

Sit down and copy out, line-by-line, word-by-word, letter-by-letter, everything they’re written. Do this with good old fashioned pen and paper. You won’t be publishing any of this. In fact, the only person who will see this is you. But, this exercise is vitally important if you don’t know where to start, because what it does is it builds “muscle memory.”

As you copy down someone else’s writing, you start to get a feel for their style, their rhythm, their phrasing, how they move from one idea to the next — how they open and close paragraphs, and so on. Really good writers have spent years honing their craft. And, the good news is that you can “imprint” this on your brain just by copying down what they’re written.

And, when you’re done, you will find that you are much better at writing pretty much anything. If you want to get good at writing your own sales literature and ads, find successful ads online, from marketers like Gary Halbert, John Carlton, and other similar “old school” copywriters. Copy out, long-hand, their most successful ads.

When you go to write your own, you’ll have a very good idea about how to structure your ads and make them sound compelling.

Of course, you never want to plagiarize anyone by printing or republishing a single word of what they’re written. The “copying exercise” is simply to “train your brain” to think like they do. It’s a shortcut, of sorts, to becoming a better writer.

And, here’s a secret: most of your competitors won’t do this, because it’s a lot of work.

Learn SEO

Companies, like have gotten really good at SEO, and they have good rankings to show for it. You’ve probably heard that you need to be writing blog posts about your product to advertise it. Well, that’s true. And, if you’ve done a good job practicing and learning how to write, this is going to be fairly easy for you to do.

While there is an almost unlimited amount of information on the Internet, much of it is poorly written or of very low value.

Search engine optimization (SEO) uses keywords to boost your rankings in major (and even minor) search engines. SEO is considered unpaid or “organic” traffic, and is sometimes considered much higher value than paid traffic.

However, even paid traffic carries a lot of value if you have a high-converting offer.

Creating A Consistent Brand Image

Most companies are worried about their brand image. And, there’s a good reason to be. As you build a profile of blogs, social media profiles, and take time to create a consistent brand persona across all of your online platforms, the risk is that you won’t be able to effectively manage it all, and a few bad reviews can tarnish your brand image.

This is why it’s probably a good idea to hire a marketing manager or someone who can manage your online image for you. In fact, some small businesses outsource this task to a company that specializes in this sort of thing.

Building Out Your Team Of Experts

There are numerous tools that can help you succeed in your business, but one of the best out there is to ask experts who have come before you. Join mastermind groups, or build one yourself. Most of these are paid forums, where you can ask seasoned business owners questions, and get answers that you’re unlikely to get anywhere else, online or offline.


Ralph Fuller is a business owner who recently took marketing matters into his own hands. He has leant a lot, and is sharing his top tips and methods with other small business owners in the hope that more independents can succeed online, and off.

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