Advantages of Office 365 Timesheet Plugin

advantages of office 365 timesheet plugin
The new Office 365 Timesheet has several features for making your workspace more comfortable. With the Office 365 Timesheet, one can easily log hours, manage schedules for tasks, tick billable timesheets, and report to the manager, all at the same time.

While creating manual timesheets used to be a boring and time-consuming administrative task, with the new timesheet technology, not only can one save time, but also direct efforts towards more important tasks.

However, since this is a new technology, many people are still apprehensive about using it. One needs to understand the advantages of this timesheet plugin to effectively use it. In this article, we would be talking about the different benefits of the Office 365 Timesheet Plugin and why one should consider switching to it.

Benefits of an Office 365 Timesheet Plugin

There are several advantages of using an Office 365 Timesheet Plugin. The different benefits can be seen below:

1. Improved reporting competence

The Outlook timesheet plugin is easy to use and employees would not be encumbered in making their time reports. All they need to do is incorporate some extra information on the appointments. The software would automatically pick from it and generate a timesheet report of the employee.

The tool can be easily implemented and used by the employees as most of the employees must be already using Calendars to manage their schedules and appointments.

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Additionally, the receivers would also have less trouble in reading or interpreting the reports. This is because the reports are organized and standardized.

This also means fewer headaches for managers. Thus, one can spend more time in assessing and contemplating on the best possible ways to resolve any issue.

2. Improved employee efficiency

efficiency of office 365 timesheet plugin
When employee time is properly and accurately monitored, productivity is sure to increase. This is a big advantage for both the company as well as the employees.

The employees can measure their productivity and finish the tasks timely. This brings a feeling of satisfaction and success, creating a satisfying and healthy working environment in the office.

Motivated, happy, and highly productive employees are quite valuable to any company. When the morale of the employees is high, the business also improves. The daily operations as well as customer service is also positively influenced.

3. Improved business processes

The Outlook timesheet plugin also allows the managers and the decision-makers of the company to recognize flaws as well as other inconsistencies in the process. Timesheet reports reveal unnecessary processes along with the tasks that need the most time and resources. This way, redundant processes can be eliminated easily, creating more savings for the company.

When it comes to difficult tasks, managers can make proper decisions on how one can assign the right people for handling such work. This improves the overall business processes of the company. Since errors and losses become limited, the company can save more money for re-investment or an improvement in the business.

4. Enhances customer service

When business processes are streamlined and employees are inspired, customer service is sure to improve. Service excellence is one of the key factors that contribute to a sustainable and profitable business. The workflow of the company is also streamlined that overall improves the efficiency and service of the company.

An example of better customer service by implementing an effective Outlook Office 365 timesheet plugin can be seen during fieldwork. For example, when one has service people in the field, a field representative can immediately update his or her timesheet with the help of a mobile phone after completing his or her work.

This is immediately tracked by the accounting team, which creates an instant invoice to be sent to the client. This ensures timely payment for the company.

5. Better corporate reputation

increase corporate reputation with timesheet app
The brand and reputation of the company are also enhanced with the right time tracking system. If the customers are continuously and constantly satisfied every time, they will promote the company and its reputation will grow.

This way, your business would become the brand of choice in the industry. This is one big advantage that can easily boost the profits of the business.


The above article was a brief of the most important advantages of having an employee time reporting system for your business. There are many more that one can experience after implementing it. The best time tracking solution is to use a familiar and user-friendly program such as the Microsoft Outlook Calendar. With a compatible Office 365 timesheet plugin, you can ensure a thriving and growing business for a long time.

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