another-tool-for-your-marketing-goals-top-tips-for-using-social-videoBy now, you must know that social media should be a key component of any marketing strategy for your business. In today’s constantly-connected world, you would be missing out on potentially millions of customers if you fail to incorporate social media into your plans.

But there’s more to social marketing than sharing posts. There is also social video marketing to consider.

Social video marketing is already popular. In fact, over eight billion videos are shared on just two social media sites every day. That’s a lot of potential customers! If you already use social video as part of your marketing strategy, then you are well ahead of the game. If you don’t, here are a few things about this form of marketing that should get your attention.

What is Social Video?

Social video is, in the truest sense, any video that is shared on social media sites such as Facebook, Twitter or even Snapchat. It can be something that is carefully produced by professionals like 360 video production in Los Angeles or just a video of a friends gathering for a BBQ. Social video is an expansion of the social media posts you’ve been browsing for years.

For businesses, however, it’s much more than that. Social video is a way to offer content in a different way. You can customize your videos to provoke different responses from different social media channels, because what works on one may not work another. This may sound like more work, but it’s really a great way to connect with your audiences from each site and deliver content that is tailored to them.

Social video doesn’t just include produced spots, either. Live streaming with apps like Pariscope count as well, and can deliver real-time information and messages to your audience. This will have a more “real” feel to them, as if you are personally engaging each audience member.

Here are some ways to utilize social video:

Get Their Attention Fast

One of the most important parts of social media in general is getting people’s attention: there’s so much going on in fresh, consumable bites that if you don’t grab their attention quickly, you run the risk of losing it. One way to grab attention is to use what’s called a “pre-roll” video.

Pre-rolls are different than regular shared videos. Pre-roll videos will play automatically on a social site whenever a user scrolls to them. This grabs their attention before they have a chance to scroll past and engages them right from the start because they don’t have to press the play button.

Pre-rolls should be short and sweet — never longer than 30 seconds — and use visual or auditory tactics that will hold the attention of the user. Humor is always a great way to get people’s attention, so make sure that you have a great script.

Teach Your Audience Something

One of the great things about sharing video is that your audience can get immediate information from you that they can use, so why not take the time to promote an instructional video of some kind that is associated with your business?

If you sell art supplies, make a video that shows people how to paint a simple landscape. If you provide web design services, give a tutorial on what makes a great website. People love to learn new things and you can be the company that offers tips and tricks to make their lives easier or even “cooler.”

“How to” videos are always a popular search on the internet, so make sure your company is positioned to take advantage of it.

Follow the Trends

While you always want to offer original content in all of your social media posts, you should take advantage of trending topics that people are talking about. This will help you capitalize on current events and stay fresh in people’s minds.

Presidential elections, celebrity gossip, large sporting events and even a random topic of the day can all be an opportunity to post a new video. You can offer your opinion or commentary and then tie in your products or services so that you are connected to that trending topic to your audience.

You can finding trending topics by searching Facebook and Twitter, or you can simply search for the subject in your search engine. Each day will offer a new topic and a new way to connect with your audience.

Make social video part of your next marketing strategy and you should see great results!


Alexander Harrison works as a visual content producer, creating marketing video’s, taking care of website graphics and doing product photos for a range of businesses.

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