mobile app websitemobile app provides a number of benefits to businesses big and small. But, if you don’t have a website for your mobile app, you could be missing out on a lot of great business-building opportunities.

Keep reading to learn how a mobile app website can make or break your business.

Why Have a Mobile App Website?

Once you’ve got your app on the market, you might think that its description in the app store is all you need. In reality, though, an app website provides a lot of extra benefits for your business, including the following:

Websites Make it Easier to Find Your App

A website makes it easier for people to find your app. This is especially important if yours is a new business without a lot of name recognition.

Taking the time to make a well-optimized mobile app website will boost search engine rankings and increase awareness of the app itself.


A website also provides more room for you to promote the app — and your business in turn — through things like testimonials and user ratings. Sure, people can rate in the app store, but those ratings (and the reasons for them) often get overlooked.

Visually Appealing and Easier to Navigate

A website is more visually appealing and easier to navigate than the app store layout.

Some people might not want to do their research on an app through the app store because of these inconveniences, but they will be more willing to visit a mobile website dedicated to the app.

How To Design A Great App Website

As stated above, a website is often more visually appealing to users. However, that appeal is all contingent upon the website’s design. Keep these design tips in mind to make sure your mobile app website really delivers:

Use Screenshots

Screenshots are a great way to clearly provide step-by-step instructions and demonstrate to new users how the app works.

Include App Store Badges

App store badges allow users to go directly to the store and download your app with one click.

Keep it Simple

A simple design is ideal for most websites, including app websites. The only goal of the site is to get people to download your app, so there’s no need for a lot of extras.

But Provide Enough Detail About the App

You don’t want to overwhelm visitors, but you should also make sure they know enough about your app to want to download it. Simple, bulleted features lists are great for providing detail about your app in an attention-grabbing, easily digestible way.

Is Your Mobile App Working?

You won’t reap the benefits of an app website if your app itself isn’t working properly. Some of the main reasons users discard apps are because they’re unreliable or have slow loading times.

If you don’t have time to test your app as thoroughly as you’d like, it is a good idea to use an application tester service. There are lots of services out there that will let you know how your app is running and what you can do to improve it.

Want to Learn More?

Do you still want to learn more? Be sure to check out our other blog posts for tips on mobile app and website design, development, SEO practices, and more!

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