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Having an online presence is becoming increasingly important, with more businesses and consumers moving their focus online. Although an online presence was key to reaching clients and promoting business pre-pandemic, it is essential to be online to help build a brand and its credibility. As such, businesses need to create a positive online reputation for their company to attract potential clients.

When potential clients search for your company, what they find will either encourage them to seek your services or avoid it at all costs. Therefore, ensuring that you have a positive online presence and are maintain is essential in growing your business. Whilst it might seem like a lengthy process, having to constantly update and monitor all platforms, the rewards that come with a positive presence will certainly be worth the time spent.

Understand Your Goals And How To Track Them

As you prepare to launch your online presence, you need to understand who your target audience is and what you are hoping to achieve. This will help to create a starting point for your business so that you and your team can begin to look for ways to further expand. For any business looking for ways to grow, it is important to have goals in place for you and your team to work towards. SMART goals (Specific, Measurable, Achievable, Relevant, and Time-bound) are a great tool in building an online presence. Having goals that are specific, measurable, achievable, relevant, and time-bound will help you to monitor your company’s progress online.

Be Polite To Customers, Even If They Speak Negatively

If a client posts a review about your business, be quick to respond, even if the comment is negative. Unfortunately, most businesses will encounter a bad review or two but are important to not dwell on it. Instead, respond to the negative feedback offering ways to help and hopefully improve the disgruntled clients’ experience with your business. Doing so it shows that you listen to all feedback received from clients and are willing to make a difference. Taking this route instead of ignoring the comment or arguing with the client, shows any potential client reading the review that you are professional and active in trying to improve your business to ensure all clients are left satisfied with their service.

However, if the comments made are blatant lies/fake reviews, remove them. You are within your right to remove a Yelp review or a Google review. If you are unsure of how to do this, there are guides such as ‘how to remove Yelp reviews’ that can provide invaluable information to keep your business in a positive light online.

Reap The Rewards

Having a positive online presence can do wonders for your company. Any potential customers looking for the services you provide will spend time reading through the reviews of your business. In addition to this, they will also search for any information online about your business to gain a deeper understanding of your services and what to expect if they did decide to choose your services. If they see a predominately positive experience from your company online, the likelihood of them choosing to work with you is high. Aside from attracting potential customers, there are other rewards to reap by creating and maintaining a positive online presence for your business.

  • Keep Your Promise– For any business, the primary goal is to ensure that their clients are treated with respect and that the services meet their expectations. Before the client has agreed to work with a company, one of the promises businesses make is that they will do everything to ensure the result meets the expectations set. When the work has been completed and you have ensured that the services have met their expectations, you will have kept the promise you made to the client. However, if you go above and beyond for clients, exceeding their expectations, then you will certainly leave them being impressed. If the client enjoyed the experience and is truly satisfied, it builds a level of trust. One which might see them return in the future, or better yet, refer you to a friend and leave a dazzling review online.
  • Powerful Marketing Tool For The Future– If you can prove that your service outperforms your competition in the industry, the chances of a customer choosing you and staying with your rise. If you can win over a client, they could be an advocate for your business, raving about your services online to potential clients who are searching for the services you deliver. Having these positive reviews written about you, as well as countless testimonials, can be a more effective marketing tool, than a heavily spent advertising campaign.
  • Attract The Best Talent– It is not just customers who read the reviews of your company, it is also potential employees. When looking for ways to attract top talent to your business, having a positive presence online will certainly help. Working for a company that is a roaring success, is one of the main things many people look for when searching for work. It is a sign the company is expanding, which entails there is the possibility to grow and opportunities to rise in the business – something many people look for when applying for a position. Numerous raving reviews about the business online, also indicate that there is a positive internal workplace culture at the company.

Putting Your Knowledge Into Practice

Having the tools to build an online presence is one thing, knowing how to maintain a positive presence is another. However, what is more, important is showing that you can create a positive online presence and continue to maintain it for the years to come. Implementing strategies such as remaining on top of negative or irrelevant content, as well as publishing the company’s successes, will enable your business to grow online, attracting both potential clients and employees to your firm.

It is no secret the power having an online presence can have for a business is remarkable. As technology continues to advance and what is possible to achieve online continues to rapidly expand, being one step ahead of the game with a positive presence online will help your business stay on top of these developments.

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