Nowadays, in the age of tough competition, every enterprise faces numerous difficulties and challenges, which will destroy the business, unless the owner cares and seeks for the efficient solution. In case the proprietor implements the necessary solution, the company moves to a new level, expands and becomes stronger.

Typical components of companies that suffer from different problems:

  1. Material resources.
  2. Human resources.
  3. Manufacturing or service process.
  4. Time

Solutions to these problems accordingly are:

  1. Effective financial management, appropriate inventory management system.
  2. Efficient personnel management.
  3. Manufacturing cost reduction and process optimization, production logistics, specialized software, CRM-systems implementation.
  4. Time management, scheduling.

Efficient business solutions are often obvious. But they should be transformed to be implemented and used successfully.

In the past, the process of business improvement and optimization was long and complicated. Nowadays, the different methods and techniques have often the form of the software. So, the business solutions can be implemented easily and the positive effect can be achieved relatively quickly. Many B2B-companies (for example, provide software development services.

In recent years, the most business strategies are customer-oriented. Services have become extremely important. The worthy example of their improvement is CRM-systems development.

In fact, CRM – Customer Relationship Management – is a specific business approach, in which the customers’ needs are considered the central part of the company’s activity.


That is, the CRM strategy involves the creation of such mechanisms of the interaction with customers, where their needs have the highest priority for the company. The customer focused approach affects not only the overall business strategy of the enterprise, but also the corporate culture, structure, business processes and operations.

The main purpose of its implementation, as a rule, is the increase in the customer satisfaction degree due to the analysis of existing information on customer behavior, regulation of tariff policy, marketing tools’ settings. Centralized automated data using enables to take into account the individual needs of customers effectively and with minimal staff. And due to the processing timeliness  it is possible to carry out early identification of risks and opportunities.

Information technology is very important in the implementation of CRM-strategy. The CRM software is a specialized system designed to automate the business processes, procedures and operations, which are implemented in the form of CRM-strategy of the company. As a key instrument for attracting and retaining customers, CRM-application can minimize the human factor when working with clients and improve the transparency of activities in the areas of sales, marketing and customer service.

At the same time, it is important to realize that the process automation of customer relationship is important but not the primary step in building a client-oriented company. The software product – is a convenient tool that supports the existing regulations and processes, and should develop with the company’s evolution.

CRM basic principles:

  1. The client base (a single information repository, where the information about the interaction with clients is collected).
  2. Multiple channels of interaction (service at the point of sale, telephone calls, e-mail, events, meetings, registration forms on websites, advertising links, chats, social networks).
  3. Analysis of the collected customer information and data preparation for the appropriate organizational decisions (for example, segmentation of customers based on their importance to the company, the potential response to certain promotions, forecast demand for particular products of the company).

To manage customer relationship means to attract new customers, to turn neutral buyers into loyal customers, to make loyal customers your permanent business partners. And the CRM applied software is an effective tool of the CRM-strategy, that helps any business to expand and improve.

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