The Impacts of Click Fraud and How to Prevent Them

click fraud affect and prevention
Ad fraud is nothing new. There have been fraudsters looking to con advertisers and websites out of money for as long as there has been an online advertising market to exploit.

Over time, fraudsters have become more efficient and sophisticated in their approach, making them much harder to detect and stop. The impacts of click fraud on businesses can be severe, and here are some of the most prevalent.

A Growing Mercenary Market

There is a lot of money in click fraud. Every year, ad fraud costs businesses billions of dollars. There are individual bot farms that have made millions of dollars in a single day from their fraudulent activities. The right buyers are willing to pay a lot of money to hire a click farm to engage in click fraud against their competitors.

Anyone can sniff out a dark web market where they can hire click fraud services directly. Despite the best efforts of search engines and website owners to fight back, click fraud is successful enough to support a thriving market for freelance services. Every business is now potentially vulnerable.

Spiralling Costs

Spending marketing budgets efficiently is essential for any business. If there is one area where you can’t afford to waste money, it is marketing. Click fraud can drive up a business’s marketing costs until they are unable to compete when bidding for key search terms. For some businesses, not showing up in the first page of SERPs for their most important terms can be devastating, setting their SEO back by months.

Click fraud can spike a business’s costs much faster than they can react to it. Without the ability to react, victims of ad fraud can watch their entire budgets evaporate in an instant.

A Rising Threat

search engines battle with click fraud
The lengths to which Google and other search engines are going to combat click fraud is a testament to how serious the issue has become. The motivations for fraudsters continue to rise as their battle against search engines’ defences leads them to develop more sophisticated tools.

Protecting Your Business

But where search engines are failing, private businesses are succeeding. There are numerous companies offering click fraud and ad fraud detection and prevention. These services are more reliable than relying on search engines to take measures. There are some things you can do manually, but these are relatively time and resource-intensive.

Businesses like provide ad fraud and click fraud detection services to other companies and websites. The impacts we have outlined above are just some of those that affect victims of click fraud. If you want to keep your business or website safe from these effects, these services are worth paying for. ClickGUARD protects against fake clicks of all types. There are numerous types of worthless click coming from a range of sources.

Click fraud is the bane of the PPC industry. Fraudsters have distorted the market and siphoned billions of dollars away from legitimate businesses. The impacts of click fraud affect everyone, and defending against it is in all of our interests.

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