The Difference Between CEO & President

In most companies, the CEO is considered the highest-ranking position there is. The second in charge holds the title of CEO. Although the duties attached to them can be similar, most people do not realize that there are distinct differences between the two positions. If you are not sure what those differences are, keep reading to learn more about it when trying to consider which role to take and the job functions that come with them.


difference between ceo and president
Known as the Chief Executive Officer, this is one of the highest positions held in the workplace. The responsibilities that come with this position include operation and resource management as well as making corporate decision-making. You are essentially known as the face of the company since your actions will directly impact the future success of your company. This is especially true if you for small businesses.

Responsibilities of the CEO

  • Communicating on behalf of the company (examples: shareholders, government entities, and the public)
  • Leading the development of the company’s strategies
  • Implementation of the company’s vision and mission
  • Maintaining awareness of the competitive market landscape expansion opportunities
  • The CEO in most companies actually oversees the president, making sure they are meeting deadlines and making progress

CEO Skills & Competencies

  • Interpersonal skills: CEOs need to form great relationships with other leaders in the company. This is extremely beneficial when you are looking for advice from other great mentors in the industry.
  • Analytical skills: CEOs must be able to evaluate the success of the company in many ways and in order to do so, they have to be able to have great analytical skills.

The President

difference between ceo and president 2
The President is also a great leadership position within any company. However, if ranked in comparison to the CEO, this position comes in second. They are the leaders that report to the CEO. In most cases, the president looks after day-to-day operations on behalf of the CEO. In some corporations and organizations, the president is the leader of the company’s executive group but they are not the highest-ranking in the company.

Responsibilities of the President:

  • Creating and communicating the organization’s vision, mission, and overall direction
  • Leading and evaluating all other office managers
  • Hiring and firing all of the employees of the company
  • Long-range, strategic planning
  • Always seeking to help the company grow

So What’s The Difference?

The main differences between the CEO and the President are dependent upon the company. If it’s a larger corporation then you may have both the CEO and the President involved in the management of the business and the employees. Overall, the President takes a more short-term perspective while the CEO adopts a long-term approach to handling obstacles at work.

difference between ceo and president 3
Both positions come with great responsibility and the common goal of maintaining the success of the company. If your company is in search of a CEO or President, it may be best to hire an executive search firm to help you fill those imperative positions.

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