different customer types and how to convert them

As surprising as it might be, there are quite a few different types of online customers, and it takes different approaches to convert and retain them.

Let’s take a look at different online shopper types and what motivates them to spend money. After you become familiar with each type, you will have a better idea of what your customers are like and how you can encourage them to shop more often.

The Undecided Type

One of the most common customer types, the undecided, is someone who usually has a long list of requirements and asks themselves questions about goods or services they are purchasing.

To help them decide, an online store should put in some extra effort and accommodate the undecided type needs. For example, the customer support that receives a query from such a customer via email or social media should do their best to explain all the necessary details.

Having customer reviews on a website is also a good solution. Shopify stores, for example, could implement a shopify reviews app and import reviews to their website, especially if encouraging current customers to leave reviews is not going that well.

Keep in mind that the undecided type is unlikely to purchase goods or services before they cross off everything on their checklist.

The Uncertain Type

Similar to those who are indecisive, the uncertain type is usually lost between browsing for hours and not picking one product because they cannot decide which one to choose. For an online store, someone who just browses a store without spending money does not offer any real value, right?

Now, an online store cannot remove products to leave only one available option in a category just to accommodate uncertain shoppers. What it can do instead is to make bestsellers stand out or create a best overall deal for different product categories.

Other product options will still be present in the store, but at least uncertain shoppers will see a clearer picture because there is a recommendation.

The Impulsive Type

The impulsive buyer is quite common. This type can surprise you because you cannot really know when they might decide to purchase from an online store.

Online stores can further incentivize impulsive buyers by creating product scarcity or offering discounts for a limited time. However, it is important to note that some people might go on a shopping spree and spend more money they can actually afford. It is important to implement customer security features, such as limits to how much one person can purchase in a day.

The Conscientious Type

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The conscientious customer is someone who knows what they want, and they will not rush to spend money on a store before making sure that it fits all the necessary criteria for them.

From a fair return and refund policy and reasonable prices to flexible payment gateways and international shipping, online shops need to prepare to accommodate the conscientious type because it is an all-around customer who likely visits online stores the most.

The Quality Seeker Type

Loyalty is one of the traits to describe quality seekers. These shoppers are not too concerned about spending more money if it means getting a better deal. Targeting quality seekers is a good way to build a decent number of loyal fans.

An online store should focus on producing quality goods, first and foremost. Next, you need to seek testimonials from authorities and regular customers as proof that what you are selling is actually worth the money despite being a tad bit expensive.

The Buyer Type

The buyer is someone who does not want to waste their time and get things done quickly. This type appreciates a simple checkout process, clear information about a product and hates to see irrelevant details in front of him when shopping.

The buyer type is one of the most common customer types you can expect to encounter online, so tailoring your online store to their needs would not be the worst approach, particularly if you notice that there has been too much clutter on your site recently.

The Tech-Savvy Type

The tech-savvy shopper is well-versed in technology and is smarter than an average customer. You are less likely to trick them with methods like FOMO or discounts. Instead, it is recommended to be transparent about the store’s policies.

As a side note, keep in mind that tech-savvy shoppers often shop on their smartphones, meaning that an online store should also have a native mobile app. Or, at the very least, a properly optimized website for smartphones and tablets.

The Bargain Hunter Type

different customer types and how to convert them02

Just like the name suggests, the bargain hunter type is someone who seeks to get the best deal they can get. It is about saving money for them.

Black Friday is a great example of when bargain hunters emerge. However, for an online store that wants consistent sales, accommodating bargain hunters can prove to be quite difficult without regular discounts and sales, so it might be better to pay more attention to other customer types.

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