Digital Marketing for Local Services

digital marketing for local servicesIf you are about to start up a small business offering essential services within a certain perimeter from your location, there is much to consider. The competition should be evaluated prior to making the decision to go ahead, as there is only a limited market and if there are already too many companies offering a similar service, it will be a very tough nut to crack. Supply and demand is a basic business concept and providing you feel confident there is sufficient demand for such a service, then you have a solid base to move forward. As you are offering a service, your target group would be living within a practical distance from your location, and this will very much determine your marketing strategy.

Consumer Behaviour

Understanding the consumer is the key to a successful digital marketing campaign, and most people use their smartphones for a lot more than making or receiving a call. More and more consumers are ordering products and services from their mobile devices, and this means your business must be visible in all the right places. Of course, your service requires your physical presence, which limits your audience somewhat and your marketing plan should reflect this. Online retailers can ship products around the world, but a service engineer is looking at a much narrower field of play. One such maintenance industry is freezer servicing companies, and the best place to advertise would be the major online local directory, as this is a popular way for consumers to search for essential services.

The Power of Social Media

How often does a fridge freezer need servicing? If an annual service is required, that adds up to a lot of households, all requiring this service, and by analysing how they would source such a service, you can identify the high volume areas. Social media websites, such as Facebook and Twitter are also valuable platforms for a small business, especially when a happy customer makes a nice post recommending your services to their friends. Some small businesses create their own accounts on social media platforms and by regularly posting informative content, you can soon build a following. Here is an interesting article that highlights the need for digital marketing in small business.

Website Design

Every modern business must have a website, and a servicing company would be no exception. The site would list your range of services offered, along with dynamic and informative content that is connected to your particular industry. Consumers like simplicity, and if, for example, you service fridges and freezers, the user should be able to enter a few details into an online form and you can respond accordingly. The online consumer is spoiled in many ways, they can browse at their own speed, and due to the fast paced development of software, ordering has never been easier. If you offer emergency, round the clock services, this should be prominent on the website, and by giving out your mobile number, people can contact you at any time.


When people are looking for someone to repair their fridge, or any home appliance, it is a good idea to showcase testimonials from satisfied customers, as this gives the consumer added confidence. There is no more powerful form of advertising than referrals, so you should make a point of highlighting positive reviews. If you offer regular servicing packages, why not create a special bonus system for regular customers to recommend your service to their friends?

Mobile Availability

The ability to respond instantly will result in more business, as people do not like to wait around when they need a service engineer at home, and if a person can make voice contact with a suitable technician quickly, the chances are they will make the booking. From a small business perspective, all forms of communication should be integrated and technology more than allows for this. Virtual office services can ensure that your customers always receive a professional response within a few seconds.

Building on Success

Once your business has made a name in the local community, you want to spread this across a range of digital platforms. People used to keep hordes of business cards and leaflets, which they would fumble through whenever they needed a service, however, the modern homeowner will have a long list of numbers stored in their smartphone, for easy recall. If you can manage to spread your message in all the right places, you will soon see a marked increase in enquiries, which usually results in more business.

The Commercial Sector

Servicing major appliances would be an essential service for many industries, and this sector has as much, if not more potential than the domestic market. Warehouses and supermarkets all require their refrigeration maintained, as do hotels and restaurants, and typically, they would use an online local directory if they ever needed a servicing contract. Local directories are being used by the domestic and commercial sectors to source required services, and prominence on these sites will certainly make all the difference to the number of enquiries you receive.

Professional Help

The best way to achieve a strong online presence is to enlist the help of a digital marketing agency, who would take a long look at your business and design a suitable marketing plan. They understand how the Internet works, and more importantly, are able to monitor and assess performance, making changes when necessary.

Search Engine Visibility

Another vital area, your service needs to be visible within a search engine’s results and this is an industry in itself, called Search Engine Optimisation. SEO can make a dramatic difference to the number of visitors to your site and this is one area that a digital marketing agency can make headway.

Any small business can benefit from digital marketing, especially companies that offer essential local services to a community, and if you provide a reliable and affordable service, your business will steadily grow into a household name within your region. Consumer behaviour has caused all businesses to adapt their marketing strategies, and by enlisting the help of a digital marketing expert, your business will stand above the competition.

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