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We all like having an easy way of life. Even the most successful entrepreneurs will agree with this. No one sees the point of working hard while you can work smart instead. Working smart in this case refers to you taking up an already set up business and running it and creating a better degree of profitability. In contrast, creating a business from scratch which you consider to be tiring and which will you need you to focus on all the time is what can be termed as working hard.

Why Businesses are sold

There are many reasons as to why someone would want to sell their business. They include:

  1. Demand – Sometimes, you may find that you have started a business, and people have picked up on the idea and started similar businesses. At this point, someone might approach you with an offer of buying the business from you in order to buy out the competition. If the offer is very good, you can always choose to sell it.
  2. Health issues – This can make the owner of a business sell their business, especially if they are the one dealing with day-to-day operations. In the event that you have been taken ill, you can decide to close shop and sell the business.
  3. Relocation – We are not permanent in whatever business we are involved in. Sometimes you might be intending to move to a new country, state or even city and you cannot move your business. You might, therefore, be forced to sell off your business.
  4. New ventures – You might have spotted a new idea with a better fit and hence decide to close shop and follow the new opportunities.
  5. Poor rewards – When you decide to run a business, you sometimes risk it all and you hope that all will be well. Sometimes though, life always has other plans and therefore you will need to sell your business to stay afloat. Your business might be performing very badly and hence you decide to put it up on sale.

As a person who is looking to buy a business that is on sale, you must know what deals not to jump into and you must also know that if you are buying a business for sale, you must work to grow it no matter what position it was in before you bought it.

Why buying an existing business is better than a setting up one

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  1. Goodwill – A good business must also come with goodwill. This is essentially the name and reputation the business has built for itself over a certain period of time. If you come across a business that is selling its goodwill, do your research to confirm that it is indeed being sold with whatever great reputation it has previously had.
  2. Financing – It is easier for an already running business to get financing from a lending institution since the risks involved with a business that is being sold are lower than with start-ups.
  3. Clientele – When a business has been running for a while, the clients already know that there is a service provider that they trust. The most important thing at this point as a business person wanting to buy is to make sure you do a good job when it comes to marketing in order for you to grow your clientele.
  4. Growth – When it comes finding a good business for sale, the major work is to check the weak points of the business and try to work on them to ensure that they do not pull the business back. This is unlike with start-ups where, you have to direct all your energy and resources to ensure there is growth.
  5. Manpower – In instances where you are acquiring a business, it is highly likely that there were employees working for the business. This is a good way for you to learn firsthand from the people who have been working in the business.

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