Five Reasons Your Business Needs Tighter Network Security

five-reasons-your-business-needs-tighter-network-securityNetwork security is a fundamental necessity of today’s business world. Too often, companies opt for the base-level over-the-counter kind of protection. While useful against several standard cyber attacks, these office store options are no match against the digital assaults aimed at thriving businesses and large corporations.

Today’s leaders in energy are especially at risk of being the targets for sophisticated, highly coordinated cyber crimes. Whether for corporate espionage, political action, or downright, old-fashioned greed, these attacks are only slowed down and stopped by comprehensive enterprise security solutions designed and maintained by industry professionals.

If this sounds like the melodramatic exaggerations of the paranoid, then you aren’t caught up with today’s technology and news. Digital threats are real and cyber criminals are pushing the envelope with each passing year. To drive the point home, here are the five reasons your energy business needs tighter security:

1. The Web is Growing

Every year sees millions of more men and women around the globe gaining access to the Internet. While the overwhelming majority of these folks are not cyber criminals, it’s statistically inevitable that more access breeds more illegitimate activity online. Cyber attacks are coming from all sides of the globes and from varying levels of sophistication.

In short, you never know who or what is going to weasel its way to your company’s digital front door. Businesses have an obligation to themselves, those who depend on them, and those who have sensitive information stored with them, to fortify themselves against the growing rate of cyber crime.

2. Cloud Dependence is Increasing

Sensitive data is being saved to and accessed from “the cloud” more than ever before. In general this isn’t a bad thing. It insures against the likelihood of data being lost thanks to human error or physical destruction of the drive it’s saved on. However this puts data at increased risk of unauthorized access.

It’s necessary for businesses to opt for the kind of cyber security which specializes in cloud protection and around-the-clock digital surveillance. It’s the only way to protect against the kinds of threats inherent to a data system which exists in a lateral state across all devices, platforms, and interfaces.

3. Nation-States and So-Called States Are Funding Cyber Theft

When people envision hackers, they usually picture unkempt users at work alone in dank, dark basement rooms. This archetype of the cyber criminal is slowly giving way to attacks sponsored and even devised by nations, political groups, and terrorist organizations.

China, Russia, North Korea, and even the Islamic State are willing to invest thousands if not millions into programs designed to digitally steal from foreign entities and/or sabotage their functionality in a virtual space. This spells disaster for companies operating online.

4. Success Enlarges The Target On Your Back

Big businesses make the news. They carry influence. They also make for highly-valued prizes from a cyber criminal point-of-view.

No company should ever shy away from success or publicity. Just know that these gifts come at a price. More attention will lead to increased rates of attempted cyber attacks. When one strategy fails for hackers they will regroup and try another if the target is worth the effort. Therefore inevitably, unless a company is adequately protected, they will fall victim to cyber attack. It’s simply a matter of time.

5. Success Enables You To Fight Back With Full Force

Leading businesses in the energy sector have no excuses when it comes to lack of cyber security. The means to invest in the protection necessary to keep hacker-related risks from manifesting themselves are there, it’s simply a matter of utilizing them.

Therefore, while becoming a runaway business success can lead to negative attention, said businesses are not incapable of returning fire with overwhelming effort. Skimping on cyber security due to underestimating the sophistication of the enemy is a fatal mistakes for companies both big and small.

All enterprises with an Internet connection need network security. It’s a matter of fact. The risks of data loss, theft, or ransom are too high and the effects too devastating for companies to simply hope they don’t become a target. This is especially the case for businesses which can easily afford the state-of-the-art network security necessary to keep cyber creeps at bay.

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