Get New Insurance Leads by Becoming an Expert

Insurance Leads

It’s never easy to get new home insurance leads that are genuine prospects. You can undoubtedly discover endless lists of potential cold call targets using the Internet and some software programs. Still, you don’t know if most are even in the market for insurance or interested in what you have to offer. If you prefer a more targeted approach to developing insurance leads, consider becoming known as an expert in your area of insurance. When people are ready to talk about or purchase insurance, they tend to turn to people whose name is linked with expertise and knowledge.

Write About Insurance

Whether you write articles answering common insurance questions (Is an appraisal needed? What is covered under a rental policy?) or focus on explaining specific types of coverage, you’ll quickly become established as an expert when you find multiple outlets for your articles. Put together a few well-written pieces, then submit them to various magazines and websites. Local publications are beneficial, so consider offering to write a monthly or weekly column for homeowners in your area.

Ramp Up Your Social Media Presence

It’s not just about Facebook or a website anymore. Establish yourself on sites like LinkedIn that are designed for business leaders. Offer your expertise to other business owners, self-publish your articles, and include links to your website and your phone number so new leads can contact you. Commenting on others’ posts on their LinkedIn pages and blogs can exponentially increase your reach if a post goes viral or is forwarded to others.

Become a Speaker

Local Chambers of Commerce are often looking for speakers to address the concerns of local businesses. You can meet an entire room of insurance leads face-to-face when you offer to give a talk on topics such as business insurance options and how to find the right coverage. A Q&A session afterward is a great way to make new contacts because you’re answering specific questions that are helpful to each individual, establishing yourself as a trusted source of information. Other venues might be the local library and community colleges.

Join, Join, Join

Now is the time to join if you don’t belong to your Chamber of Commerce, Merchant’s Association, or other local business networks. Human networking has never lost its importance, and business-related organizations usually have monthly meetings. Make an effort to meet and greet all new members and participate in special events. If there is a local realtors’ group, ask if non-realtors who are tangentially related to homeownership can join. Be willing to offer advice and answer questions when approached, not forgetting to close conversations by suggesting a follow-up meeting to discuss their insurance needs.

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