Helpful Tips for Setting Up Your Next Conference Call

helpful tips for setting up conference call
In the past few months, the coronavirus has turned ordinary work life upside down, and businesses worldwide have had to take it in their stride and adapt to using virtual conference calls to keep in touch with their employees and keep their businesses running smoothly. Thanks to these alternative ways of communication, working remotely has the potential to become the new normal even after the lockdown has ended. To make this more likely, below are a few helpful tips for setting up your next conference call.

Test your setup

Even before the pandemic hit us and we were having meetings in formal conference rooms, technical issues were a genuine and frustrating possibility. These issues were usually fixed with a quick call to your friendly IT team, but unfortunately, now that you are working from home, the responsibility falls to each of us. The best way to avoid technical issues in a meeting is to test all aspects of your setup well in advance thoroughly. These include the following.

  • Connection:
    Your internet connection is critical to a successful online meeting. If your relationship is too slow, you will have a hard time seeing and hearing the other members of the forum, and the same will be true about your video feed. Ideally, you want a hardwired connection to your router, but if that is not possible, try to have a line of sight with it at least. Make sure to look up “internet providers near me” if you feel you could get a better connection, and you’ll be able to see the best provider for you! This will prevent interference caused by walls or other devices in your home. If you live with other people, asking them to refrain from downloading files or streaming videos during the meeting is also a good idea.

setup internet connection
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  • Audio:
    Next up is your audio setup; while most people will likely use their computer’s built-in microphone and speakers, we advise that you buy an external mic and headphones. The external mic will prevent noise from your computer fans from being picked up, and the headphones will stop any sound from your speakers from echoing back into the call for everyone else to hear.
  • Video:
    Finally, you will need to test your camera; firstly, you’ll need to find a good spot in your house with a decent internet connection and good lighting. If natural light is unavailable, try to ensure your lamp is in front of you not to cast shadows over your face. Also, ensure no light sources are on camera as that will deteriorate the overall quality by making everything darker.

Make a plan

Agendas may seem a little old-fashioned, but they are an essential tool for virtual meetings. Face-to-face meetings tend to keep people focused because they are in the right environment, whereas if people are at home, they can quickly get distracted or derailed. Therefore, to keep everyone on track and moving forward, a plan should be made that includes at least the following:

  • The purpose of the meeting
  • What you want to discuss
  • The overall goal you want to achieve

Try out some different tools

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Online meetings, for many people, may seem like a step backward, but this is not true. While certain things are easier to get across in person, like general body language, some things are far simpler online. For example, one great tool you can use to prevent distractions is to get a virtual background using the Hello Backgrounds Zoom virtual backgrounds app; this allows you to pick from hundreds of different options to find the perfect location for any occasion, whether you want to maintain a professional appearance or even add some humor to your meeting. Other tools include screen sharing for easy, effective document sharing and virtual whiteboards that allow you to discuss topics and brainstorm ideas.

Record the meeting

Finally, one of the most notable features of online meetings over their in-person counterparts is the ability to record the sessions. This is helpful for note-taking and a great way to keep people up to date even if they cannot attend the meeting live. It also adds an extra layer of transparency to your organization, which is always helpful, especially nowadays.

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