How 3D Avatars for Custom Whiteboard Can Help Build Your Business

how 3d avatars for custom whiteboard can help build your businessVideo content is growing as a means of gathering information for a business. According to one survey, YouTube searches accounted for 28% of all Google Searches. Additionally, in a survey by AOL Platforms, it was shown that YouTube has the most conversions than any other social media. And while the explainer videos and the funny media account for a great deal of these searches, when it comes to the business side of things, whiteboard animations play a huge part. Businesses should create animations and whiteboards which tie their brand and product together. One way is to associate your avatar with your marketing.

Avoid the Cliché Avatar

There are a great many avatars on websites which look just like the avatar from a thousand other sites. Yes, you may have different colored hair, or you may have changed the eye color, but it is the same. The problem with this is that there is nothing memorable about the avatar and so there is nothing to associate with your branding. While the face of your CEO may be a great concept in the marketing room, there is little in the practicality which states, “YES! People will love and remember this”.

While it may be expedient to have an avatar from a cookie cutter template site, it might not be the best for building the brand association. Try to find 3D Models which correspond to the company’s vision. Think of the logos and avatars used for Twitter, GoDaddy, and TripAdvisor. These logos and avatars used with the brand are unique in their identity, not cliché, and have helped to build their business empires.

Avatar and Whiteboarding

When considering your advertisements, it is critical that you use your branding and logos in the whiteboard animation. Most company whiteboards do have the insight to put their logo/branding icon somewhere in the mix. Whether this is in an intro or outro segment, or within the animation. Yet, there is still not a character which is tied to the business. For example, a business may advertise IT services. Instead of having their custom avatar explaining the services, the business uses generalized characters, only talks about the brand, and then slaps their branding or logo at the end of the whiteboard. The customer is left with information, but they cannot recall the company as it was not memorable.

Avatars in whiteboard animations should be the dominant character. Yes, you can have supporting characters which interact with your avatar, but the main focus should be in building an association between your avatar and your business. Think again on some of today’s top advertisement. More than likely the first thing which pops into your head is their avatar/mascot. Why? Because of all of the advertisements, whiteboards, animations, etc. feature their avatar.

The Evolving Technology and Whiteboarding

Perhaps one of the best reasons why a custom avatar in 3D is important for advertisement and whiteboarding animation is due to the evolving technology. Responsive avatar software, meaning software which causes the avatar to mimic the movements of the computer user via camera, is growing in popularity. Custom avatars can give your whiteboards more personality, as well as more control. As the responsive avatar software requires specific setup and specifications, it would behoove those considering using responsive whiteboard animation to have a character that they can tweak and fine-tune as the software evolves.

The Importance of a Custom Avatar for the Web

Apart from the whiteboard and branding connectivity, there are a few other reasons why your avatar is vital for your website, branding, and business. Primarily, when you use a site like CGTrader to obtain a customizable and unique character and then use that character in all aspects of your branding, you have something which can be trademarked, copyrighted, and made exclusive. If you use a stock, recycled, templated character, there is no way in which you can make it exclusive to your brand or business. The risk in this is that your advertisements will do very well and that another business will jump on your jacket tail to boost their business. In effect, you can end up marketing for your competition.

Secondly, when you have a custom avatar, especially one which is offered in various 3D formats, you have the ability to use the character for not just advertising but all aspects of your marketing campaign, without incurring additional costs for character development.

How Will It Be Remembered?

Avatar creation should be a vital part of your branding and logo strategy as well as your marketing and media strategy. While a logo may be associated with your brand, an avatar is interactive by design and will have more of an impact on establishing that interaction and remembrance between potential clients and your business/brand. But this will only work if your avatar is unique and memorable.

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