The Digital Digest – How Businesses Are Improving Their Online Presence In 2018

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In these times of increased awareness of customer experience (CX) and user experience (UX) it’s no longer acceptable for a business to ignore its online footprint. Whether you’re a business which sells food, or a business which distributes consumables, the first touchpoint for many customers will be via an online channel.

Creating a meaningful and satisfying journey online for any potential customers should be the end-goal in improving your online presence, and there’s an ever-growing number of ways that this can be achieved.

A Growing Awareness

Improving your online presence in 2018 is all about knowing your position in the market. For businesses, this is comprised of a solid knowledge of competitors, customers and analytics.

Competitor research is an important part of understanding and reiterating the market potential of your business. Constant reevaluation of competitor products, strategy and position can help your business to form its own marketing plan, while also providing interesting industry touchpoints. By employing tools such as a web scraper, your business can even track changes in price at regular intervals, helping you to stay competitive.

Diversify Online

While it’s important to form a strong identity and encourage single platform use (eg; the use of social media as a brand retention or loyalty driver), it’s important to also seek out and test the potential of any emerging channels as they present.

The growing use of multi-channel marketing has meant that businesses have had to choose whether or not to adapt to the speed of customer trends. For some businesses, this can mean shifting their focus from one channel (eg; bricks and mortar / webstore / Facebook) into an emerging or different channel (Snapchat / UberEats).

Businesses who are prepared to change and adapt to diverse platform usage are well-poised to benefit from this spread of resources. The sheer range of channels available to savvy businesses means that they are able to capture their market at all corners of the customer journey – with a range of ages and other key demographics represented.

Clever Search

Improving the online presence of your business means adopting better SEO and SEM practices, and delving into how you can improve your organic search results. Where potential customers may have previously used proprietary products or directories to locate the business they were searching for, they are now increasingly driven towards keyword based searches in order to pinpoint a tailored match for the business they seek.

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Understanding and implementing good SEO and SEM in 2018 is about more than simply paying someone clever to initiate a keyword selection for you. As with any ongoing marketing drive, it’s important to set clear goals, and to remain constantly versed on where your competitors are heading. Having a future-proof plan which focuses on emerging trends while implementing small changes in your marketing will serve you well in the fast paced world of search strategy.

Social Good

Another huge trend for online business presences is the use of social media to tap into a growing social awareness. In 2018, businesses are encouraged to utilise social media to express a desire to contribute positively to community.

Although the mixing of business with politics or ethics can be fraught, businesses are expressing their outright support of popular social movements and campaigns against social injustice, such as marriage equality and gender equality (such as the support for IWD – International Women’s Day). By appealing to a growing number of socially engaged potential customers, a business can form a strong and unique online presence which is up-to-date, unafraid, and increasing self-aware.

By creating a multi-faceted and reflexive online presence, businesses are helping themselves widen their potential net, while simultaneously nurturing their existing customer base. Through clever market knowledge and the use of diverse channels, businesses in 2018 are better placed to succeed online than ever.

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Conversion is important but more important is a process of conversion which is nothing but your objective of doing this. Your goal should be well established for your business which completely depends on how you are formulating the strategy. Your social activities should be well organized and transparent because your followers are great assets for your successful online presence.

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