To What Extent Can a Criminal History Check Protect Your Business

how criminal history check protect business
Conducting background checks on all prospective employees offers many benefits, protecting your company’s reputation and the safety of your staff. Here a few aspects you should consider.

No disruptions

Hiring a person with a criminal record you know nothing about can create a whole range of problems. If the new recruit has a history of violent behaviour, sexual harassment or theft, there’s a strong possibility he will repeat such offences in the new environment. This will be very disturbing for the rest of your staff, causing bad feelings and work disruptions, generating financial losses.

That’s not even the worst part for a company might find itself sued for negligent hiring if they failed to take the proper precautions, such as ordering a national police check on an employee.

Protect your company’s good name

A lawsuit for negligent hiring can seriously affect a company’s reputation.

The worst situation is when the individual with a hidden criminal record comes in contact with the customers. Just imagine one of your employees sexually harassing one of your clients. That’s a PR disaster! Or consider the case of a repair and maintenance employee you send to a customer’s home and he steals some valuables. If such a story makes it to the press, your business will be seriously affected, to put it mildly.

The same goes for subcontractors. Many businesses sometimes overlook this aspect, but it is best to run background checks on subcontractors, too. If they work for you, your company might be held accountable should something bad happen.

Protect against fraud

protect against identiity fraud
We’re not talking about an employee stealing a few bucks from the cash registry, although that can create quite a problem for a small business if the theft goes on for an extended period. We’re talking about systematic fraud, at a corporate level. According to a 2018 Amazon study, fraud accounts for about 5% of companies’ revenue loss.

Many business owners tend to believe that such a thing cannot happen in their company because they can vouch for their employees. The truth is you cannot vouch for anyone and the best insurance against such a risk is to run proper background checks, especially on people who will have access to the company’s finances.

When a recruiting agent relies on a hunch and decides not to run a police check just because an applicant has an impressive CV and a charming personality, he might be committing the worst mistake of his career (and lose that career in the process).

People who specialize in fraud almost always have a charming personality, as it is part of their act and the most important in this line of work is earning their victims’ trust.

How to stay safe

To prevent such unfortunate situations, HR departments should make national police checks a part of their hiring process and let potential job applicants know in advance about this policy.

police check with background check
Human resources personnel are usually very busy and no one wants more red tape. Organisations based in Sydney NSW, Australia are increasingly turning to online criminal history checks. The easiest way to integrate background police checks like a police check australia (similar to what they do in NSW Australia) in your hiring strategy is to work with an accredited online agency and use it every time you want to hire someone.

When you go through an online agency, all you need to do is upload some basic information on your new recruit and wait for the police check, whose results come back in a couple of days, straight to your email.  No red tape, no time wasted and the guarantee that the new employee does not have anything to hide in his past.

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