How Rich Virtual Content Improves Sales in Stores

Shoppers have changed. Tech-savvy, always online, and better informed about consumer decisions than ever, retail shoppers depend on accessible online content to make spending choices. They’re constantly looking for something to inspire them. They want rich lifestyle marketing combined with positive consumer-generated reviews and competitive prices, and they want to find it all online.

digital signage for retail

According to Retail Dive’s consumer survey, 60% of consumers use mobile phones in store when they’re making a purchase. They’re looking for reviews, looking up prices, and comparing it to the competition. With the numbers skewed by demographics (shoppers under 35 predominate), it’s more important than ever that retailers adopt a virtual content strategy that enriches the in-store experience.

Virtual content in-store begins with innovative digital signage. Digital signage helps you promote high margin or high inventory products with flexible visual displays. It makes it easier to interact with customers, provide high-quality product information to educate customers, and deliver promotions.

Online shopping has taken a major bite out of physical retail locations, but total mobile penetration isn’t expected to pass 30% of retail sales. The retail brands that survive make brick and mortar shopping worth leaving your home. If bookstores and discount dollar stores survive because their shoppers enjoy the “thrill of the hunt,” retailers across industries need to capture an emotional experience on the same register. Rich virtual content and digital signage is just one way to start.

In the new retail landscape, one of the most important roles digital signage has to play is “setting the mood” for the shopping experience. This is where you want to use video walls that display unique content, whether it’s promotional video or unique in-store messaging.

Mobile interactivity can be a powerful way to engage customers without increasing labor costs as 40% of consumers also use mobile devices to access digital coupons and a third used branded mobile apps. Integrating mobile use into digital screens or digital kiosks will have a big influence on the decisions of mobile shoppers and bargain hunters.

Retail digital signage is a unique opportunity to improve engagement with touchscreen technology from digital signage companies like Netvisual. Multi-touch displays can be used to help shoppers navigate stores and malls and help you reduce staff and inventory. Smart dressing rooms are helping clothing retailers at the fitting room by letting shoppers select clothes on-screen in a different style or size and alerting a shop attendant who brings items straight to the customer. No need to change again and go back onto the floor. A digital signage company like Netvisual can help you bring customer interaction into the fitting room.

Every digital signage solution depends on easy content management. The freedom to change promotional displays and video content depending on the season, the weather, or weekly and daily promotions will make your life much easier. A web portal that lets you manage digital signage content makes it simple and cost-free to change video content. To learn about web portal content management, visit and find out how easy it is to enhance the in-store experience.

A rich in-store experience is one of the main factors keeping shoppers in brick and mortar locations. Enhanced virtual content and digital signage are reinventing how brands interact with in-store consumers and influence spending decisions.

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