how to choose the best sales funnel for your business

Getting a business up and running is a pretty challenging endeavor. You might have an innovative idea that is not on the market, but you can easily fail if you do not promote it properly. Indeed, these days it seems that half the job is done by marketing.

If you think we may be exaggerating, think about it again. After all, how many silly products you have seen blow up overnight despite no practical use for them? We all remember the fidget spinner craze from a couple of years ago, right?

If anything, that just goes to show that sometimes you do not even have to have a good idea to make money out of something. It is all in the way you present yourself and your product to a potential customer.

Nowadays, the easiest way to get on the radar of your target audience is the internet. Social media presents some of the best and inexpensive methods of advertising to your consumers today. You can reach the people you want buying your product or service for a relatively low price and a short time.

Moreover, with plenty of software and apps helping you with it, you hardly have to work yourself besides deciding on a strategy. Click on the following link, to find out more on this subject:

However, setting a clear strategy is vital in achieving your goals. Many business owners who do not have much experience in marketing make the mistake of not defining their goals before starting a marketing campaign.

This can backfire pretty quickly and result in a lot of lost money but no return on investment. You probably do not want to waste your time, money, and effort in running ads that do not affect your audience and profits.

Your goals should reflect the needs of your business. Depending on where you are in the growth stage, you might have different requirements to drive progress further. You could be lagging in sales, lacking leads, or not know your target audience.

Whatever your issue might be, there is no room for panicking! As with every problem in life, this one also has a solution. As soon as you have decided on what you want to achieve with your marketing campaign, it is time for action!

Luckily, we can help you with that. This article will discuss several different methods of so-called “funnels” that can get you to your end business destination. Stay with us, and you will be able to embark on your marketing journey in no time!

Sliding into success

how to choose the best sales funnel for your business1

First off, we need to define what funnels are. Much like the name suggests, these are processes that guide a potential client through several stages so they can become your customer. Depending on the end goals, the steps can differ from directing the consumer to your final target.

A lot of businesses struggle with, especially in their early stages, getting the word out there about their services or products. We understand your problems because it can be difficult to break out on the market, particularly among solid competitors.

What you can do, though, is employ the Squeeze Page Funnel approach. This method has proven to be very successful in yielding potential leads and extending businesses’ email lists. From then on, once you have the contact details for interested parties, you can just send them a convincing email about what you offer and let the ad do the rest of the job.

But what exactly are the stages in this funnel? To earn access to your potential customer’s information, you first need to offer something in return. What that is, it is up to you. Suppose you own an air conditioning repair shop; you might offer a free consultation or a handy how-to guide on repairing common problems. Follow this page for more info on lead magnets.

If it sounds too simple, that is because it is. However, that is precisely why it works so well too! People love receiving things for free, so when you give them something without charging for it, they are likely to provide you with something in return because they feel as if they owe you. It makes total sense!

After you have completed this step, make sure to include a “Thank You” page on which you acknowledge and appreciate their contribution. From there, you can also provide links to other resources related to the topic and draw them further into the funnel.

Another way to achieve the same results is by hosting online events. Indeed, there has never been a better time to do that than right now for better or for worse. When everyone is stuck at home, they are looking to make productive use of their time and learn more on various topics.

You can use this to your advantage by inviting people for some informative sessions such as webinars during which they can find out more about dealing with a particular issue on their own. Alternatively, if they can’t manage that, they know where to find you for extra help with your services!

What do you get out of this? Because webinars are a bigger sell and take more resources to organize, customers will be amenable to giving more information about themselves. This way, you can learn more about your target audience, like what age they usually are, what gender prefers your products more, their education level, etc. In the future, these demographic facts will be helpful when crafting the target audience for your ads.

Lastly, you should also consider the Tripwire Sales Funnel. This is one of the best funnels out there as it has a proven track record of converting cold traffic. Namely, the first step is the usual: you offer something like a free book for which you require information. After the consumer enters it, they get an exclusive one-time offer: the product you are trying to sell the entire time.

What’s next?

In conclusion, there are numerous ways you could approach your marketing strategy. The biggest thing to keep in mind is keeping your eyes on your goals and constantly working towards achieving those. Every step your client takes needs to guide them straight to your target.

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