How to Improve Communication in the Workplace

how to improve communication in the workplace

Communication is an integral part of any great workplace. Without it, you run the risk of unhappy employees, a lack of productivity, and misunderstandings. So, how do you go about improving workplace communication? It’s all about being a good manager and bringing everyone together. Here’s how.

Host Office Events

Office events won’t necessarily inspire great conversations about business plans and projects, and nor should they. Instead, they’re a way to bring staff closer together on a more personal level. If you can have a normal conversation with your employees, then they’ll find it easier to come to you when there’s a problem. Hosting an office party isn’t enough – you need to make sure it’s actually a good one. By using Event Bartenders and including some fun games, you are sure to do just that.

Have an Open Door Policy

The last thing you want is your employees to feel like they can’t come to you, so have an open door policy. That means people can come to see you throughout the day with any issues or ideas they may have. This could even inspire conversations that’ll improve the business as a whole!

Hold One on One Meetings

Group meetings can be effective (as long as they’re focused), but one on one meetings are important for getting to know your employees on an individual basis. Remember – everyone communicates differently, which means you can always use the same methods on everyone. One-on-one meetings also mean you’ll hear information some staff members may feel uncomfortable saying in front of everyone else.

Keep Your Staff in the Know

If there’s been a huge breakthrough or a problem happening in the company, you should keep your staff in the know. If you don’t, you’ll create a huge divide between managers and employees. Letting your staff know everything that’s going on (within reason) will build trust and make the team feel like just that – a team.

Genuinely Listen to Feedback

Asking for feedback is only a small step when it comes to improving communications – you must also genuinely listen to it. Your staff needs to know their voices are heard, so even if you don’t plan on changing anything after an employee’s complaint, you should at least follow up with them and explain why. They need to know that what they say has a genuine impact on the workplace; after all, they are a part of it!

Understand Your Employees

Understanding your employees is sometimes easier said than done. There’ll be some staff members that you get on with without trying, and there’ll be others you struggle to hold a full conversation with. It’s important not to leave out your shy employees, though, as that could cause more divisions. Instead, try to understand everyone’s different ways of communicating and creating a workplace that accommodates all of them.

Improving workplace communication may take some time, but it is more than worth it. After all, what manager or business owner doesn’t want smooth-sailing days and an increase in productivity?

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