How to Improve Security at Work Without Spending a Fortune

Security within a workforce is a uniquely important thing, as, without proper security, a business puts itself at risk of theft and other problems. With the amount of technology available these days, it’s certainly possible to make a business secure – the only problem is that sometimes security devices can be quite expensive. With security, it’s tough – if not impossible – to calculate your return on investment, as the best security systems are the ones that ensure nothing happens. But there are tried and true methods for improving workplace security that doesn’t cost a fortune such as installing wireless Verisure Smart Alarms. These can secure your workplace, deter intrusion and optimize response times from law enforcement. The following are some more security measures you can implement without breaking the bank.

The first thing you can do to improve security at work is to implement an ID system. Many big businesses have already taken upon this idea and it has worked wonders for them, so if you’re looking to increase your office or business security efficiently and inexpensively, this is the way to go.

ID cards are generally issued out to all workers, with each worker required to wear their ID card at all times while in the workplace. If the ID card has the employee’s photo on it, as it often does, you’ll easily be able to detect someone who doesn’t actually work there – they will either wear a card that doesn’t look like them, or they won’t have one at all. Additionally, ID cards can be programmed so that they allow only workers to get through doors, unlocking only when they swipe or tap their card, thereby eliminating the possibility of an intruder making his or her way inside.

workplace security id system

Another great way to improve security at work is to install a few security cameras. Some cameras on the market can be very expensive to buy, however, there are a variety of cameras that will do the job serviceably at a fraction of the cost. Another tip for cameras is to install one or two real ones and then put a bunch of fake ones out – cameras are fairly effective as a theft deterrent, and sometimes merely the presence of a camera is enough.

If you are encountering issues where you believe workers or customers are stealing, then you might consider installing cameras in each room. This could get costly, however, and a way around it would be to use the ID cards mentioned above to restrict access to those certain rooms, ensuring only high-level personnel are granted access.

workplace security camera

Another way to improve security at work is to install microphones. That’s right, as unorthodox as it might sound, businesses have been having some modicum of luck installing microphones at work, in tandem with security cameras, to hear what workers and customers say. With these, you’ll be able to judge whether or not your workers or customers have conversed about theft or causing trouble. As long as they’re not used too liberally, microphones are on the same ethical ground as cameras – they’re there as a matter of verification, in case you suspect wrongdoing.

These are just a few of the possible ideas for making your workplace more secure. There are many alternatives, but these are a good start if you want to get the most security for your buck!

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