How to Reorganize Your E-Commerce Store

how to reorganize ecommerce store
It can become all too easy for businesses to get out of control. At the height of success, simple organizational skills can be pushed by the wayside so that you can continue to meet other, more pressing goals. Organization, though, is what keeps your business from becoming absolute chaos.

There are many ways to reorganize your e-commerce store. You may need to consider more practical ways to store, sort through and read data, or your website’s layout could be more cluttered than freeing. Your customers want to come to your e-commerce store and not be met with mess, so if you have forgotten to delete a discount or promotion from your website because your organizational skills have depleted, this can cause your customers frustration.

Reaffirm Yourself with Your Business Goals

You shouldn’t try to achieve too much. By doing so, you run the risk of spreading yourself too thinly, which can take your eye off the main ball, and leave you with nothing to show for your efforts. To re-establish your business’s main goals, turn back to your business plan. What does it say? Are you trying to grow your business? Do you want a higher ROI? Or do you want to improve sales or increase brand awareness?

ecommerce database analyst
Once you know what your main goals are, it’s time to refresh yourself with the data you have collected. If you store business information in a database, regular SQL reporting offers a great way to keep up to date on your key numbers. You can find out last year’s sales, the average cost of expenses and customer satisfaction. SQL ranks as one of the most well-known development languages. If you don’t know SQL, or don’t have a teammate who does, you can hire a proven, well-reviewed SQL report writer on Upwork for as little as $29 per hour. To get your reports posting into Slack, check out SQLBot. SQLBot offers a super easy way to publish SQL reports into Slack. You can request reports real-time, or schedule them to post daily or weekly.

Reinvent Your Website’s Content

Perhaps your site’s content has lost sight of what it was supposed to do, or maybe your content is trying too hard to appeal to everyone. Disorganized content on a website can leave your website not only frustrating, but it can also become unappealing to Google and other search engines.

ecommerce website optimize
Your website’s content should be hitting a few but relevant and targeted keywords. It should also have content that is not only crafted for SEO purposes but also offers something of value to your customers. For instance, if you are an online retail store, you can have regular blog posts highlighting:

  • Who has worn your clothing
  • The launch of a new line
  • What’s in fashion
  • The latest must-have accessories
  • And more

If you do not have the capabilities to write the content, hire the services of a copywriter with a background in SEO and digital marketing. They can, therefore, write your content on an article basis, also saving your business money.

De-Clutter Your Physical Office

Your business may be online, but that doesn’t mean you can work in a chaotic office space. Instead, you need to keep your mind and creativity flowing by having a dedicated working area that isn’t filled with rubbish, knick-knacks or clutter. Such an environment can leave you feeling stressed and panic.

tidy store space
If it is just yourself working from home, ensure your office is not set-up on the dining room table; it should be in a room that separates itself from your personal life. What’s more, hire a cleaner to keep on top of your rubbish if your budget permits it. Be sure to keep important files and documents locked in a filing cabinet, though. You do not want sensitive data to be leaked.

However, if you have a small team of employees, you need to preach the importance of keeping the office clean. This means not having dirty cups and plates left on your desk, picking up rubbish from the floor and not have paperwork over-towering them.

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