Coworking in Hong Kong – 5 Pieces of Advice to Help You Settle

how to settle coworking in hong kong
With Hong Kong office rents on the rise, other office space designs are becoming more popular. In addition to the virtual office, coworking as captured much of the start-up and SME market. By providing an affordable alternative to conventional office space, coworking has reinvented itself to remain competitive in a field of spaces.

For business, the newest incarnation of coworking encompasses more than just work. With state-of-the-art technologies and comfortable furnishings, the coworking space has transformed what it means to go to the office. Even so, in a field of contenders, professionals have much to consider before joining a facility for coworking in Hong Kong.

Let’s take a look at some tips on how you can settle into your Hong Kong coworking space and make the move as seamless as possible.

Compare Spaces

Rents are already high for businesses leasing space in Hong Kong. On top of that, vacancy rates are extremely low making it hard to find office space in the first place. coworking spaces, alternatively, can be found everywhere and for cheap, and while these spaces might appear to be another trendy, cool office where you can hang out and work, make sure you are getting a value for your dollar.

One way to do this is to test coworking spaces to see whether the space is a good fit. Furthermore, it gives you the opportunity to see how the fit out is managed and how the occupants interact with each other. This is a great opportunity to check out noise levels, flow of traffic, and other factors that influence the work environment.

Look At Your Location

Location is important and the closer you can get to Finance Street and the Kowloon Districts the more chances you have of attracting the type of foot traffic that helps businesses grow. More importantly, the closer to the CBD you are the more access you have to resources that can make running a business more efficient and effective. Location is very important in looking for a space.

Look At The Types Of Amenities

work location space
While coworking spaces run along a general format, they are not all equal. Look at the type of amenities that come with your space. More than just offering a café or coffee bar, make sure your coworking space includes tools and activities that encourage business growth.

Incubator and mentor opportunities are some of the more relevant tools that can aid in your business’s growth, but another great one includes twenty-four access to facilities, which makes work more convenient. Other amenities might include partnerships with area hotels that provide travellers with extended accommodations, or better yet, coworking hotels.

Look At The Community

When choosing a space, look at the types of industries occupying the coworking office. This is important because coworking spaces come in a variety of types. Of the differing types, there are those who cater to a particular industry. Then, there are those whose focus is solely on the start-up, and finally, niche coworking spaces cater to businesses with a specific mission (i.e. green missions).

Moreover, joining a coworking space is not like leasing office space, as it mixes all of the aspects of social interaction into the work format. For this reason alone, knowing the profile of the coworking space can determine whether the office suits your needs. Ultimately, the coworking space helps you form connections, so you want to join an appropriate space.

Look For Balance

Finally, look for a coworking space that provides you with a good balance. Spaces that are too social interfere with your productivity, but spaces that do not emphasise the social aspect of coworking can be obstacles to developing relationships. Finding a space that has the perfect balance is a must in using the coworking space to your advantage.

Getting Comfortable With Your Space

work comfortable workspace
While finding the perfect space in Hong Kong might happen after a few attempts, you will find the coworking concept does a lot of the footwork in networking. The combination of community and the layout provides many professionals with the perfect opportunity to raise their profile. Finally, the perfect coworking space provides you with a platform for business growth.

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