Ideas to use tech to cut overheads and increase workplace productivity

increase workplace productivity

In recent years, there has been an explosion in new tech and software designed specifically for work that can be used to improve operations and increase your company’s overall productivity.

From automated systems that use Artificial Intelligence (AI) to perform mundane tasks that were previously carried out by humans to apps designed specifically for the purpose (for example, payroll software), there is now a huge range of ways you can employ tech in your firm to make your work life easier.

Better yet, embracing tech won’t just improve your firm’s productivity – it will also save you considerable outlay as well as keep you ahead of the curve when it comes to the ongoing digitalization of business.

Below are just a few ways you could integrate more technology into your working practices to streamline your operations and start working more effectively.

Migrate your digital services to the cloud

Cloud computing has grown to become one of the largest sectors of the entire IT and technology industry and is forecast to grow year on year by 19.1%. Indeed, the exponential growth of cloud tech means the market is predicted to be worth in the region of $1,25 billion by 2028.

There are many ways how a move to cloud tech will improve the way you work and reduce your overhead – unfortunately, too many to list here. However, if you’re looking for ways to get your team working collaboratively, regardless of location, while also cutting your IT costs, speak to a Cloud Service Provider (CSP) company that will be able to guide you.

Google Cloud is one of the biggest players in the market and is constantly innovating new products that could be integrated quickly and easily into your operations so try speaking to a specialist with Google Cloud certification to learn more.

Automate everything you can

AI has come on leaps and bounds in the last few years and is finally starting to deliver on the promises of automation. Take a look around your firm and try to isolate any tasks that are a drain on time and resources, then look for software alternatives. The chances are good that there will already be an application available that could be used to automate instead.

Automation is particularly well-suited to repetitive, time-consuming tasks – anything from basic accounting and invoicing to maintaining good client relations (search for Client Relationship Management (CRM) software).

Again, automation won’t just save time and money – it will also keep you in line with the digital revolution and help free up resources while also improving your competitiveness.

Encourage remote working

While the recent Coronavirus had many negative effects on society, one of the few positives that emerged from the outbreak was the growing realization that, with today’s tech, remote working is a realistic alternative to staff being huddled in the same office eight hours a day.

Using the cloud tech mentioned above, there’s now no reason why your team should have to endure the Monday to Friday 9-5 and could instead just work from home. By encouraging remote working, you’ll end up with a more satisfied workforce that enjoys a better work/life balance while also slashing overheads in the form of reduced rent, rates, utilities, and work equipment bills.

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