Manage Your Passwords in a Better Way

manage-your-passwords-in-a-better-wayThere are so many people who tend to reuse one password for various sites. Also, most of the time, passwords of many people are quite weak. Have you ever thought to use a password that is strong and unique? Won’t it be good if you could use that very same password for several other websites too?

If you are wondering for an answer for the above mentioned problem, then you must opt for enterprise password management software. This is a great password manager tool which saves and stores all your login details for every website which you would be using. This way, you would be able to log in automatically. This tool encrypts your password database along with a master password—all that you would need to remember is the master password.

To pass through a secure login and online process, make sure that you do keep note of the below mentioned tips:

Avoid Reusing Passwords

Each year there are so many problems of password leaks we hear of. The reason is simple—people tend to reuse passwords in several websites. The moment your password leaks, scrupulous individuals come across with a set email address, username, and password combination which they use for other websites. When they use the same login details for every website, it is but liable that one website will end up providing them access to several other accounts. This way, if someone gains admittance to your email account, they would even gain admission to your password reset links to. Hence, they would be able to access other websites and get linked to your PayPal and online banking details too. For preventing activities like this, it’s best to create unique passwords for different websites.

Set unique passwords for different websites. Make sure that they are unpredictable, exceptional, extended and contain symbols and numbers. However we do understand that setting a high standard, unique password each time for every website that you attend it not possible. This is the reason why using a password manager comes out being the solution for this issue.

Password Manager Is Beneficial and Safe

You will feel liberated and work at ease rather than keep remembering long list of passwords for every site that you log into. If you enter a website, you would need to visit that website normally. Rather than typing a unique password for the website, you would have to type the master password into the password manager which will fill in the log in details of the website mechanically.

The good part here is you also need not worry about any user name, email log in address and password for every website. All this long and strenuous steps are managed by the password manager.

In case you are creating a new account, a secure password will get generated by your password manager. This way you stay free from this step too. It will get robotically configured and details, such as filling in details, like your name, address as well as e-mail address, will get loaded into the website through the password manager.

Opting for a secured and devoted password manager is ideal. In fact it acts as a boon as it helps in storing your password in an encrypted way. This way you are free from managing a flotilla of passwords for different websites because you only need to remember the master password while the rest of the job will get handled by the password manager itself.

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