5 of the Most Important Aspects of Forming an LLC

most important aspects of forming an llc
Various people decide to form a Limited Liability Corporation, or an LLC, in order to conduct business and/or protect certain assets. Still, knowing  how to get LLC formation paperwork completed and finish other start-up tasks can be a challenge.

1. Deciding on Ownership

One of the first steps in forming an LLC is going to be deciding on its owners and management agreement. Owners of an LLC are also called members, and there can be as many members in an LLC as is necessary for its operation. Terms of ownership and management responsibilities is called an LLC operating agreement, and establishing one is a major step towards launching such a corporation.

2. Applying for an EIN

All businesses, including LLC’s, must have an Employee Identification Number, or EIN to use when filing taxes and withholdings for the IRS. Therefore, one must also apply for tax ID before the development of an LLC is complete. This is federal law, so it is not a step that can be skipped.

3. Selecting a State

An LLC must be registered in a particular state where business is conducted by the corporation. It is important to remember that one or more of the members must have a street address in the same state with which the LLC is being filed.

4. Obtaining a Business License

signing business license
Owning and operating a business requires a license, and selling products or services mandates a permit. One crucial aspect to launching an LLC is completing all the paperwork and obtaining all necessary permits and licenses in order to conduct business legally and within federal and state regulations.

5. Naming the LLC

The last step is sort of a fun one. Owners have the opportunity to devise a clever and catchy name for their corporation as part of registering the business.

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