Silicon Valley Startups That Are Hiring Now

silicon valley startups that are hiring now
Silicon Valley is transcending the world of digital business innovation, as the home of various startups positioned to make a disruptive impact in 2019.

Though there are many rising startup regions surfacing around the world, Silicon Valley remains at the top of the mountain, providing various opportunities for prospective employees seeking progressive roles in a technological capacity.

There are many startups which have shown promise in 2019, positioned for further development based on investments received and potentially lucrative business strategies. With the advent of Artificial Intelligence, new business concepts continually arise, so it’s an exciting time for growing sectors.

But what startups should you be looking out for, especially if you’re looking for a new job? Here are some of the best Silicon Valley Startups that are hiring now:


evisort logoEvisort is on a revolutionary mission to help companies interact with important legal documents. Leveraging the power of Artificial Intelligence, Evisort can help professionals activate critical data within their contracts.

The concept has been backed by various leading investors, who were attracted by a platform that combines natural language processing, cutting edge computer vision, deep learning techniques, workflow solutions, and sophisticated software.

Both individuals and organizations can activate contracts more effectively than ever before, generating significant opportunities for huge cost reductions, improved compliance, revenue increases and more. The company platform is currently utilized across various industries, including sports, media and cable, healthcare, telecom space and more.

If you’re intrigued by the prospect of working at Evisort, be certain to check the portal.


chargepoint logoA global leader in electric car charging stations, ChargePoint is destined for great things, in line with the emerging nature of alternative fuel vehicles. Perhaps ChargePoint can thank Tesla to an extent, propelled by the acceleration of environmentally friendly initiatives in the consumer market.

ChargePoint is established as the most noteworthy electric car charging station in the world, and it’s destined to extend its network from 2019 onward, especially within the thriving Bay Area startup ecosystem. What’s appealing about the ChargePoint philosophy is car owners can charge their vehicles away from their homes, making long-distance journeys more realistic.

The company raised $240 million in 2018. With more investments to come, considerable growth and expansion are anticipated.

Snowflake Computing

snowflake logoFounded in 2012 by Thierry Cruanes, Marcin Zukowski and Benoit Dageville, this unique cloud-based data platform has created significant intrigue across Silicon Valley, attracting a staggering $450 million in investments, valued at a whopping $3.5 billion.

Snowflake is poised for continued success, especially when you consider the rising prominence of cloud-based business solutions in the business world. Many companies have offset a transition to the cloud, perhaps holding on to antiquated systems for too long due to a fear of change.

But today business hands are being forced, where institutions must embrace cloud principles or risk losing relevance in a digitally oriented marketplace. Snowflake Computing is looking to expand in new markets, and with significant investor backing, it’s difficult to bet against a meteoric rise.


netskope logoLike Snowflake Computing, NetSkope is positioned to excel in a cloud-oriented business world, with an agenda to offer security solutions for businesses. The cloud has created vulnerabilities that can deter companies from transitioning to it. However, Netskope offers reassurance for businesses.

Founded in 2012 by Ravi Ithal, Lebin Cheng and Krishna Narayanaswarmy, Netskope is growing by the second, especially after acquiring Sift Security in 2018. To this point it’s secured $168.7 million in investment, joining the exclusive unicorn club by attracting significant attention from elite investors. Netskope was even voted Product of the Year by CRN, alongside ranking among elite organizations in the prestigious Forbes Cloud 100.

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