Social Media Marketing Mistakes That Have to Be Avoided at All Costs

social media marketing mistakes tips guidesSocial media marketing is nowadays a necessity for every single business that wants new clients. It is needed for corporations and for small businesses. Unfortunately, this does not mean that you can simply post something online and expect success. Social media marketing is much more complicated than what many business owners believe. Various mistakes can be made, with those highlighted below being much more common than they should be. Always avoid them.

Posting Without A Strategy

Basically, in every form of marketing out there, you have to build a strategy first. This includes social media marketing. For instance, let’s say that you want to promote an architecture company in Denver. Would sharing random architecture and interior design content do the trick? Absolutely not. You need to figure out what you want to achieve with your social media posts and create a strategy that will help you reach the goals that you have in place.

When you create your social media strategy, be sure that it includes details about goals, tactics, target audience, team and time investment.

Not Knowing The Target Audience

Speaking about target audience, improperly identifying your target audience leads to having a social media marketing strategy that is much less effective than it could be. Spend as much time and as many resources as are needed to properly identify your target audience if you want real results.

Improperly Dealing With Negative Feedback

Social media makes it really easy for every single person in the entire world to have an opinion. Obviously, some will not be as you expect them to be. It is impossible to find a social media page that does not have to deal with negative feedback from time to time. The way in which you deal with that feedback can easily make or break the entire social media marketing strategy.

Most brands out there make this huge mistake. If negative comments pop up, they are simply not addressed. If they are, the message is not at all appropriate.

The fear is that negative feedback is going to spoil brand reputation. When you properly respond to negative feedback it is actually an opportunity to improve brand reputation. Remember that social media gives you access to a direct communication channel with your audience and clients. Engage in conversations and take all feedback into account.

Lack Of A Human Touch

You do not want to be too corporate when you post on social media because people are attracted to people, not logos and brands. The way in which we perceive a brand is what attracts us. Because of this, your social media marketing campaign should have a clear human touch.

Social media as a whole is all about communication between people. The corporation that is faceless does not have a place in this communication. The stock corporate responses simply do not work and should never be used in any digital strategy. A message that personally addresses topics and people is always better than the standard PR department response people are used to.

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